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I have two children in grade 5th and 10th respectively going to Oakridge. As parents we are very happy with the development of our children and their learning journey. The school has a robust curriculum and the students get ample opportunities to hone their skills. There is a sense of belonging and children are able to express themselves to the teachers without any inhibition. Our children are developing into confident individuals and independent lifelong learners. Even in the COVID-19 lockdown the virtual classes are running very sucessfully.


My two sons, Soumyajit and Samrat have been in Oakridge for the last 4 years after we moved back to India and our experience has been great. The teachers and support staff are extremely hardworking and listen attentively to the feedback provided by the parents and strive to continuously develop progressive programs. 
During these tough times of COVID 19, virtual online classes by the teachers are engaging and very effective. I really appreciate their determination and hard work and hope that the Oakridge management shall continue their good work.Overall our kids are happy with the school and its environment.  


My two children go to Oakridge International School, Bangalore. I am impressed with the way the school took up the challenge of conducting virtual classes online to prepare the children. Teachers prepare the lessons and send daily task plan ahead to the children to ensure that they are ready and prepared before the online classes begin. This is highly commendable to ensure that the online classes happen smoothly and the children feel as if they are studying in a class. Everything is planned in a way that the routine of the school is maintained. This keeps the children engaged positively and look forward to the upcoming sessions. Heartfelt thanks to the teachers to keep the learning going on in spite of the current challenges.


Hi , i am also looking for same school .. could you please let us know the fee structure


I recently put my children in Oakridge school after doing tons of research starting with 12 schools and narrowed down to this one and I was surely up for surprise.

The kind of attention and care I received for my children is not a match with any school in Bangalore . Both my boys have great things to tell on the way home about their day, their teachers and the activities they had done during the day.

Zulekha Mam and Viji Mam - Thank you both of you.on the occasion of teachers day and for all the personal attention and care that you show for your students.


Never join IB at Oakridge in Bangalore. Waste of your child time and money. Very bad performance by school in 2017 for MYP 3 which is 8th grade. All the parents raised Many escalation to management about worst performance of teachers, operation issues and sports. Added to it,10% hike in school fees is every year for low performance is ridiculous. Hope this review helps other parents to take better decision which might save kids career. 


Oakridge Bangalore is the best IB school in Bangalore. They have a very good campus & wonderful facilities. They are very efficient in answering to all our queries, be it academic or administrative. They are always very responsive. The performing arts team is amazing, its a wonderful team. The ICT & Design literally pulls each child into it & they enjoy these classes thoroughly. The way of imparting knowledge to each child is definitely worth a mention. Each child is unique and has different needs, the educational team at Oakridge Blore very well understands this and always strives to bring out the best in each child.


My daughter, a 4th grade at Oakridge Bengaluru,  has been creating and growing a garden of organic veggies in discarded bottles. The first produce from her garden -Methi and Coriander,  just got ready! The other veggies( tomatoes,  ridged gourd, Roselle leaves) are also coming up well. She plans on selling these and wants to donate the money raised to help underprivileged kids.


She is inspired from the lessons that she has learnt in school to reuse and recycle instead of just throwing the bottles away. I am happy to see her applying the lessons she has learnt in school in her daily life. Hope this inspiration stays with her and she continues to work on such projects. She absolutely loves going to school everyday and doesn't want to miss it even for a single day. The school has a good balance of academics as well as extra-curricular activities.


My child have been with Oakridge since last 3 yrs in Bangalore and we are extremely happy.
The child enjoys the school . She is in MYP and there are only few  school in Bangalore offering this curriculum . The best thing about this course is that the child is not spoon fed and thus the knowledge about the subjects are retained much better since they research for the same and thus understands much better.
School has a very homely and caring atmosphere. The school takes enough measures to keep all the children safe. 
The transport department is also well taken care of. Busses are safe with ladyguards and GPS monitoring system.
Overall I am very happy with the school and my child is happy and learning well


I was recommended by one of the colleagues at my workplace regarding Oakridge Bangalore when I was transferred from Mumbai where my kids where studying in one of the top International Schools. After hearing the upsetting news of kids getting molested and abused, we were very much concerned about their safety and security. Here at Oakridge, I have been given an assurance of not being worried about the kids. I have been hearing bad reviews about the transport system but luckily the route driver and the lady guard who are assigned for our kids' daily transport are really responsible. Fees for some is a concern but if you get to see the childs' improvement, it can be considered.


Campus and field is good.
Security staff at the school is better.
Principal is response for email is good 

Yoga, Drama and outdoor games are better

Problems and issues:
1.  Admin department attitude very very bad, worst, Admin changed 4 times in 2 years. We do not know who is admin is now. School will not share admin contact number and Poor communication
2. Transport team - They do not know route details, Not cooperative, behaves as if they are providing free transport though they are charging 50000/year for school bus. I had very bad experience with school transport. They will not reply to your query, you have to chase them to get the work done or send mail to principal. Transport depart team are illiterate, rude people. They dropped my daughter at 6PM - 4 days, delayed by nearly 2hrs of drop time. We called to transport desk, no one picked up, we called transport person Busy, Busy. Finally had a contact with transport, got the driver number, Car Driver number again Busy, Busy, we all tensed a lot. Finally reached my kid at 6PM. It took 3 hrs to reach home, only a 10km distance from House to school. Next I sent serious and lengthy mail to principal and transport team. Apology from School transport team through phone and no corrections from them, repeated after 2 months again. Got to know that first they dropped teachers and lost dropped my kid.  Transport team give preference to school staff first and their friends. 
3. Teachers - keep changing (higher attrition rate), Teacher do not have mercy to inform parents if kids not eating lunch in school, not well and they are not trained enough to handle primary kids. Teacher shows Rhymes/stories in Youtube, they do not know how to sing rhymes also. 
4. Only Hyderabad branch is IB recognized. Bangalore school is not recognized as IB school. This can be checked online.
5. Head Madam/co-ordinator do not have prior experience - never replied to mails in 2 years and from mails, only verbal discussion, not active, do not know curriculum and administration, poor communication skills

6. Very bad weekly home work sheets. They do not teach, simply they will give homework and sometimes parents cannot complete homework.

7. No planned syllabus. Random teaching. Curriculum is lagging a lot when compared to other schools. Teachers always busy with trainings, preparing for programs etc., They donot get time to teach in class. Kids simply watches Youtube videos in class.

8. They provide AC buses. They will only drop at main road and they do not come to nearest point (Other school buses will come to nearest point)

9. They provide food for lunch at cost of 30000Rs. Quality of food bad and prepared in outside hotels

10. When discussed with school about problem, they will complain about the kid and tell us to change school


Review on Oakridge,
Hi ,
My son goes to class 1st in Oakridge. 
1. Campus is really good and well maintained
2. Enough attention is paid on safety and security of children
Big Problems:
1 Attitude of staff -Reception, Admin, Transportation -Not cooperative, behaves as Govt office.They will not reply to your query, you have to chase them to get the work done
2. Teachers -keep changing ( attrition is relatively high), Quality is not at par with other INt school. 
3. Bus transport: During admission, they will promise so many things bus doesn't come to your house ( even though your road might be 60 Feet Road). driver/assistant are rude. You have to drop your kid quite far ( in the name of pick up point) to catch the bush. They have bought big buses ( I dont know who advised them -may be someone from BMTC!),these buses cant come inside colony, cant run as fast as small typical school buses can run, cant take turn etc. Transportation is a big pain.
4.They provide food at school: very average quality food.
Attitude : If you discuss with Principle/Staff about above problems, they might even tell you to buzz of and change the school.
Finally, it is not worth the money they are charging. I am looking for change this year. 




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