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My son, Manav, has been going to Serra for the past year and I cannot explain how happy we are with the school. The management (Director - Mrs.Seema, Principal - Mrs.Sangamitra and Student Liason - Mrs.Sumi) is really amazing. They are open to any questions or suggestions that we have. The teachers are extremely caring and you will get a real sense of security and peace of mind sending your child to Serra HSR. They really make an effort to make sure that you are given the best. Manav has always been an active and inquisitive child and Serra teachers have made sure that these qualities are not suppressed and on the contrary, they have nurtured it and made him very confident. Thanks so much Serra family for making his first step to education so wonderful!


We appreciate very much for our son getting good education at Serra International-hsr Layout school.Thanks for everything.. Seema Pillay Maam(Best Director) ,Principal maâam and best teachers they have... Thankyou for your time,hard work and effort on our child. I must say best school.




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