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From last year, I have been having disappointing experiences. The Principal has no decision authority, all the decisions come from Mumbai, Pune. Even their brochures carry only achievements of Gurgaon, Pune toppers etc. The principal admits openly that he or his staff do not decide anything.

This year during the pandemic, their focus was only getting money from parents. They disobeyed multiple guidelines of sate government, state education ministry. We this behavior what do they teach kids... They do not wish to reduce even a single rupee from the tuition fee, neither ready return the money paid by many parents for transport knowing there is no transport facility in the current situation. The tone of their communication has been threatening recently.


1)There was a 'consent note' demanding parents to sign that the school will not be held responsible for any accidents by the school provided transport!!! Can you beat this? They want to collect the fees but take no responsibility! Also, during the coffee meet, the parents are threatened with T.C if they indulge in any adverse review of the school or form parents groups to sort out common issues! THIS SCHOOL ONLY WANTS PARENTS TO PAY MONEY BUT NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS! THERE ARE MANY MANY OTHER PAINFUL INSTANCES, HOWEVER, IN SHORT: THIS SCHOOL IS ONLY INTERESTED IN ECONOMIC REVENUE, NOT SERVICE! 2)I have now put my child in another school and he is blooming! Subsequently, there was a call (survey) asking for "FEEDBACK" (if only they had listened to it when it was being given in the first place!).Their VERY 1st question was "What is the INCOME OF THE MAIN EARNING MEMBER?" This question was irrelevant unless they wanted to arrest the flight of the wards of high earning parents to other schools! My impression of the school being interested ONLY in money was confirmed beyond doubt! MY SUGGESTION TO PARENTS: THERE ARE BETTER SCHOOLS! AVOID ALL VIBGYOR SCHOOLS. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME (I'VE HAD FRIENDS WHO SENT THEIR CHILDREN TO OTHER VIBGYORS IN BANGALORE AS WELL & THEY TOO HAVE MOVED ON!)




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