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Thank you very much for being such a good teacher to my child. As a parent, I know perfect teachers are hard to find, but for me, you are the best teacher for my child. Thank you for your love and the care you are giving to my child each day. I truly appreciate that. Good School for CBSE education system.


It's the first year in school for my kids. I am really glad to see how the school has focused on the overall development of kids. December was a month of events where kids had got the chance to come and showcase their skills. 
Big shout out to the school principal and all teachers and staff for putting in so many efforts and encouraging children to showcase their talent.
I am satisfied with the school. Keep up the good work.


It is my third year with school, My son is in class 8th and Daughter in Class 1st. I am very pleased with the school. what I like most is, there overall focus on students rather just academics. Principal Sir comes up with new ideas to improve the kids personality and also focus equally on academics and sports. 
I am very satisfied with school and most impotent is all teachers/principal are very accessible here and you can talk to anyone, they listen to you and try to  resolve your concerns.


My son studies in class 3 of GIIS. 
School has always been very receptive to opinions, suggestions, complaints, requests of parents and very proactively addresses any issues or concerns raised.
The teaching methodology followed is excellent.
Is an International school in the true sense, having its branches in 5 other countries outside India. Best teaching and learning methods are shared across the schools.


Very pleased with this school for both of my kids Grade-5 and Grade-1. 
We had to switch them to GIIS earlier this month because of complete unsatisfaction with Gear Hub school in the same locality, where we had got kids admitted just this summer (June, 2019). 
In GIIS, I see very good communication from School and responding to parents queries promptly. They seems to be abreast with all latest and greatest aids and exposure for students. Its been almost 4 weeks and we are loving it. Their principal and admin staff is also very approachable. Liked what kids performed on Independence day. Keep it up. Will write more in coming days.


My son is in GIIS since last 7 years and we are extremely happy and satisfied with his growth. The school focus more on holistic development rather than only academics. At quite young age they are given international exposure. This helps them be dynamic and confident citizens. 


My kids (elder one in 2nd standard and younger in KG) are studying in GIIS and we are very happy with the way the kids are developing. The teachers have made sure that personal attention is provided and my elder daughter had improved a lot in terms of academics, building confidence and communication. The new principal interacts regularly with the kids imparting life lessons through practical story telling which the kids really like a lot. Really happy with the school


My kid is studying there from 2 std onwards now. Completed 5 yrs with school.we are very happy with school right balance of academics ,sports.Also school provides breakfast as lunch which is boon for working women.provodes additional coaching for sports. Have a very good system of portal which updated on lesson plans, homework etc.prinicipal and teachers are very approachable. Happy with the school.


Great class teachers, able to meet expectation and trust. I sure would recommend


My kids (twins) studying in GIIS , class 1G .  The class teacher Ms Priyanka is really good and focus on each student's study activity and their improvement. Very dedicated and attend on each kids improvement.
Other subject teachers also very good and student focused.  My both kids improved a lot  in terms of academic , language & their confidence and interest to participate in cultural and sports program.  Both are very interested to go to school nowdays.

The school has very good academic syllabus  and assessment method and has lot of non-academic program as well. Each student is recognized basis their interest & caliber in many programs. The new principal is very vibrant  and is student friendly, also very interactive and supportive. They also have very good , supportive non-teaching staff 
My kids are there in the school for last 3 years , we are very happy.


Teaching style is really good, teachers are aware of the strength and weakness of each and every kids.My son had improved a lot in communication and a academics. He loves going to school. New principal seems to be very interactive .


My son studies in Grade 2B. His teacher Ms Anupriya is so kind and connected with all the students. I see a great human touch in every activity they do. The new principal seems to be a visionary and I can see a great vision in every activity they do. The summer survey projects on energy conservation and happiness is another evidence of engaging students in a productive way. I am very happy. 


There are lot of improvement in the interest level of my kid. The teachers are taking good care of the students individually , identifying their interest and focusing on their strength. 


The school presently has until Class X(first batch to appear for Board exams in 2019), and has good facilities. Have 2 children in the school, who have been there since the school started 5 years ago.

New principal is putting in a lot of effort to ensure that there is focus on studies; the school has been offering a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Teachers are sincere and dedicated - special call out to Mr Nimai Nayak who is willing to spend extra time to even check Maths problems done from reference books!


Good infrastructure, teachers are good.
Principal is well connected to parents. 
they seek & work on feedbacks from parents. 

My son has been in this school for 2 yrs now. im happy with the academical progress.
ECAs can be made more fun. This is probably already being worked upon by getting more sports teachers/coaches.


This school is one of the best in Bangalore. There is a lot of focus on the proper upbringing of children, which many schools miss. Academic-wise, my experience has been excellent. When it comes to extra-currucular activities, the opportunities are huge. A safe bet for your children.


Very good study environmen, qualified and experienced teachers. Student having good exposure to improve for over all development. Teachers well bonded to the children with personal care. I am very glad to the school.


I have experience with many International schools, I find GIIS best for my kids, very good and supportive teachers. I am glad that my kids like the school.   


Very disappointed


My Son is in the second grade. I took an admission in this school three years back thinking it might come out to be a very good option for my son. Bu then after three years i realize that though fee has doubled but the standard of the education has deteriorated.I paid 90 K as an whole for a UKG kid three years back whic is 1.8 L now for the 2nd grade kid.The fee doubled by almost 100%.  Parents hardly get any satisfactory response from the school management for any of the valid concerns. The sport facilities shown to the prospective parents are only for name sake. Kids are coalesced to join private classes or academies. On complaining to school no satisfactory action is taken. The bus facility is really pathetic. Kids take almost 1.5  hours for 10 KM's to reach home due to bad routing done by transport department. If parents complain there is no action from school. Overall i can say this school is not more than commercial business venture by few people sitting in Delhi and Singapore.

Posting few of the videos for your view.     





My son is with Giis Bangalore this is his 5th year, took admissions believing the plan they had and seeing the enthusiasm of the staff. 5 years down, infrastructure still not in place compared to any of the international schools. Also the extra activities that the school offers comes with a price but the child has to miss something else to opt for such extracurricular activities. And the student teacher ratio started of with less than 20 .and every year it has increased and now it's almost 30. And the activities like the eca and CCA are across all sections ,which means if your child has opted cricket. He will get to hold the bat or ball for just few seconds not even minutes and that too if he it she is lucky.. and top of all this our fees have increased more than 90 percentage in the last 4 years. Situation worsened only 2 years back after the new principal came into picture. Everything was going well but sad thiNgs have turned really bad including academics. Very bad way of teaching never heard in any international schools were computer classes have happened in theory and this year the school doesn't even have a book for It. Instead giving black and white printout to students which will not even encourage them to learn and understand the basic concepts... highly disappointed after spending more than 2 lakhs for my 2nd grader. I guess govt school that I studied was way better than the so called international brand name of GIIS Bangalore.


The school started 5 years back with a good principal but management changed it immediately after 1 year. It seems that principal goes, sets up the school and comes out, this is a strategy followed by management just to attract parents. The current principal is of no use in terms administration, quality of education and for that sake any thing. We the founder parents have already complained in 2015 but no changes. as the leader so as the disciples. Second, the fee structure is completely screwed up. Every year hike is 18 to 25% range with so many slabs, it becomes very difficult for parents with 2 kids. The quality of education is deteorating day by day. There is a protest going on for last 6 months but management is ignorant. I would not give even 2 stars rating to this school.


CBSE affiliated. Overall OK except for very high fees hike every year in last 3 years. School is avoiding meeting with parents to discuss this issue. With this rate it is going to be unaffordable in few years unless you are willing to pay 4-5 lakh per year.


With the name of Gandhi , they are doing many things here. But sadly the fee structure is very high in this school and for collecting money , I am not seeing any Gadhisam .. :-)


We have finalized the admission for my son in Grade 1 ( 2014). The campus is very good with well designed labs, classrooms etc.And the staff was also very polite. The methodology and extra curricular activities also looks very promising. has facilities like Vishwanath Anand Chess Academy, Chandru Borde Cricket Academy, tie up with Edu Sports, online access to Britanica, traditional dance and Music. looks like a very good environment for overall development. I dont have to worry about after school activities for my son.


I took the admission for my daughter for 2nd Standard for Acedemic year 2013-14 which is the first acedemic year of the school in Bangalore. First i came to know about this school when they had one day camp in our building Sobha quartz and just after few days they also kept a desk in my office. After googling, I decided to visit their campus. That time it was under construction and they had their office in a small room but I was impressed with the plan thay had. I finally took the admission and so far experience is very good. They have wonderful infrastructure. They have a well designed library, math lab, computer lab, chess room, tennis room, dance room and i might be missing some more separate rooms. They have a big play ground but still under development. Thay also have the plans for cricket acedemy.  Acedemically, they are following CBSE syllabus rigrously. The best part of the school is the activities. Kids are always busy with one or another activity. Wednesday is the assembly day..They also have a well designed web site especially for parents where teachers and parents can interact. We receive regular updates and notifications over email. Transportation is also good. My biggest worry was being the first year of the school in bangalore but they already had a well set pattern which they are following here. I hope this will help. Thanks, Ankish




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