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We relocated from the US 2 months ago after spending 16 long years. Our children started schooling in the US and we were completely perplexed and sad when our company sends us back to India, that too when our son is in his critical year 10th grade. We tried contacting many schools through emails and Treamis and Stonehills always responded promptly to our umpteen number of queries. We also visited many schools in Bangalore East & North and finalized Treamis as the school was flexible enough to accommodate our subject requirements. Now having completed 45 days @treamis let me say that our choice was 100% right for both our children. Our children do not see much difference between the US system and Treamis schooling.


I have seen my kids growing with treamis.  They are there from kindergarten. I can see a lot of difference in them in terms of excellent communication skills, analytical ability, and general awareness.
Thanks to yadhu sir, rinku mam, swapna mam, Pranitha mam,srabani mam, and all others for their support and guidance.


My daughter is studying in Treamis and just started Grade 5. It is really good to see that the teaching philosophy followed combines both modern and traditional approcahes. Particularly, the Read a Book a Week policy and the presentations to be made after online research. It's good to have a healthy mix.


Hello ! My son has been studying here from 2010. He'll be going to 10th grade now. Yes, the critical year. I'm impressed by the way course-work is covered in the school. The pace of covering is uniform throughout; no rushing toward the end of term. The tests and examinations are spaced evenly and there is good balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities. This is good as students will face less stress. Lesser stress translates to happier students, better performances and happier parents. Great job!


Hi,My daughter is a Grade 4 student at Treamis. I am updated about her performance on a regular basis from the class teacher. The communication line is open and friendly with all teachers at any moment. Last week, there'd been a certain query pertaining her English subject and she had to get in touch with her teacher for clearing the same. After I checked out her question and was not sure about the answer, I asked her to raise it up in class the next time she were there. Next thing I know, she's on call with her class teacher who gives her the respective teacher's number and a few minutes later she is getting her query answered by the English teacher. This took place at 9 in the night. The incident opened my eyes to the whole new approach of teachers and the modern education. In my days, I wouldn't have had the courage to approach the teacher after school hours even if she were to have lived right next doors. So, kudos to Treamis and its teachers for creating an open and student-friendly learning atmosphere.


I relocated to Bangalore and found it a daunting task admitting my daughter to a good international school around Electronic City. There were a good number of likely prospects. Keeping in consideration the curriculum, location, campus, staff, opinion of colleagues and obviously fee structure, my wife and I narrowed down three schools in the area. In addition to scoring well in the above points, what gave Treamis our thumbs up was a look at the school's activities on their fb page. The prompt, co-operative yet open approach of the school officials also helped the decision-making. One academic year later, we're convinced that going with Treamis was one of our best decisions for our daughter and we would recommend it to all parents looking for a clean, pollution-free and environment-friendly school near EC, Bangalore.


Worst School Ever!!! Please don't go by positive reviews on this school...that's exactly the mistake I did while admitting my son. I was gullible to get fooled by the admissions lady and her tall claims about the school. Talk about any department and they lag big time compared to any average school, to list a few: - Good teachers don't stay with the school beyond few months - Not serious about academics at all...classes are without teachers half of the time - New teachers hired are way below the mark...some of them barely can communicate in English - Claims to have good sports infra but no teaching - PT teacher is good for nothing. He let the kids free and do whatever they want - Many spoil brats with parents living abroad and having kids in boarding - not good environment for kids - Pathetic communication about school calendar, events etc...hardly 2 emails / circulars from school in the last 6 months - No action taken on complaints / feedback I'm taking my kid out middle of the year despite paying lacs in fees. That can explains how disappointed I'm with the school.


I am not happy with the performance of the school teachers and the administration. My kid was meritorious in studies before admission to this school and now he is escaping from the studies. His computer teacher is horrible. She is very rude in talking and behavior. Before parents she talks with all the aticates and plastic smile and with children she is very rude. I think she needs some kind of counselling and has to be immediately removed from this profession. A teacher cant be like this. His class teacher is always in escaping mode even the administrative people are like that. We were new to Bangalore and after coming to know that this school runs both the curricula of ICSE and CBSE till 8th standard we thought it will be good for our kids future. Also we liked the school philosophy that they are not pushy in studies. But it doesn't mean that there will no class whole day. Most of the week days teachers are absent and if substitution is there they are busy with the available system in the class. No doubt the school has good infrastructure but quality wise it is one of the worst mismanaged school in India. It doesn't have the full staff. I think government should think and keep on doing inspections before giving the permission to open this kind of school. Even the teachers are not will qualified. They are charging so much in the Lakhs of fees so why can't they keep the well qualified people at least B.Ed qualified and why can't they pay government standard salary to teachers. It is very upsetting that they are playing with the future of the child. No one talks as a responsible person over there.
I am going to remove my kid from there and can't feel like to rate it. But I am rating it one star as the website is not accepting the review. I can't take further risk. Transport functioning  is also delayed and are increasing fares every time. I feel very disappointed and hurt with the school's conduct and irresponsible administration staffs and teachers. It feels they are just coming to market their school without doing their proper and respective jobs sincerely. 


On a positive side, this school has a good location. Infrastructure is also good.
Fees is a big concern. At the time of admission to pre-school, your fee will be around 1 lakh, but be ready for a hike of around 40% first year and then 20% next year. At the time of admission they will assure you that yearly hike will not be more than 10%, but they will add stories like slab change and will make sure you pay around 1.6 lakhs from 1st std. This is not including transport. 
Treamis transport rate is one of the highest in e-city(And they claim it is still in loss!). Including transport, be ready to pay close to 2 lakhs for your kid!
Quality of teaching is not very good, especially considering the higher fees you pay. My kid's class teacher changed every year in the middle. No language teachers (for french) and swimming teacher also left in the middle last year without any replacement.

Any assurance the principal or management gives you, please get it written from them. They will forget it the moment you are out of their office (that's part of their 'open door' policy :) )


Treamis is a true international school n terms of its philosophy and implementation. My daughter has developed emmense confidence and spontaneity in her expressions after joining Treamis. She does her homework on her own and waits with excitement to finish
everday's tasks. Amazing with respect to her life skill development 


Treamis is really a wonderful school for kids. They have a very friendly environment where kids can feel comfortable and learn thing with joy. This is a very good school with especially great infrastructure. I would suggest Treamis for the parents who wants to join their kids in a better school with the best learning environment.


Dear Friends

I am posting here latest fee structure for Treamis World School for Play group/Kindergarten:

One-time Fee:
Registration: Rs 15,000
Admission: Rs 25,000
Total: Rs 40,000

Annual Fee for             Play group                       Kindergarten:

Annual Fee:                Rs 22,000                         Rs 35,000
First term                    Rs 22,000                         Rs 24.000
Second term               Rs 22,000                         Rs 24,000
Third term                   Rs 22,000                         Rs 24,000
Total                            Rs 88,000                         Rs 1,07,000

Up to 5 km Rs 22,500
>5 km to 15 km Rs 32,500
>15 km to 20 km Rs 37,500
> 20 Km to 30 km Rs 45,000

Lunch per annum (optional) Rs 9,000


I have 2 kids in this school and they are in the boarding, whenever I see them in the weekends, they just keep taking with me about this school and how good it is. They make me feel they love the school more than their Home. The first year i sent them they couldn't speak a single word of English now I see they are even better than me. I think this school is the right place to send your kids to.




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