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I am a VERY protective mother like all others, who was very anxious and nervous about getting the right school for my son. However, Klay School won me over very quickly and allayed all my fears.  It has been a tremendous experience for my child.  An institution par excellence and a wonderful platform for kids to grow and learn.  As a parent we can see a more confident Rishit who loves to go to school. We are happy that Klay is putting many good efforts in the overall development of my child.

I am sure that everyone would agree that there will be an element of school fee hike every year which will be unavoidable and the appreciating fact is that Klay patiently addressed to all my queries and has given convincing answers.

The staff also provides a very nurturing environment which I was very drawn to and one I had not observed with other schools when I was choosing a school for my son. Now after 3 years I don


overall : It "was" an excellent school with great principles, transparency, child centered but greed for profits ruined it
my experience period : 18months
1. the child-teacher-aaya ratio was promised to be really good (3 for junior toddler, 6 for senior toddler). this was disturbed after six seven months as all the experienced and good teachers started leaving one by one. we heard the pays for the teachers were not proportional to the exorbitant fees charged for the parents. new teachers were not upto the mark (i dont expect polished and sophisticated personalities but caring and gentle "mothers")
2. during month of may, better keep your child off the daycare as the school prefers catering to the summer camp students more than your LOs. there are two toddler sections. during summer camp, both sections are stuffed together in one classroom as other class is occupied for the summer camp. the best of the teachers are at the service of summer camp kids leaving the regular children with less experienced teachers with no activity at all. i found this really disturbing and step brotherly treatment!
3. the fees is towards higher side as compared to other options but the school had very child centric policies. the teachers were trained thoroughly, the maids were very gentle with kids. but slowly this all is disappearing. suddenly they opened five to six new centers in bangalore and we are able to see the drop in quality. theres a long list of admission query today but want to warn the parents that the management is not that sensitive as it was previously. so fees is not a problem.. quality is!




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