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I really like the school for its Infrastructure, its teachers and other staff, the big playground and various facilities. The school has good mix of studies and extra curricular activities like swimming, ,football, basketball,etc as well if we look towards the teaching approach it's truly wonderful. They believe in really inculcating the teaching in kids minds by bringing-in practical examples across from real-life. Very nice International School in Bangalore.


Very effective in running and managing virtual classes at this time of Covid 19. Kudos to staff for pulling this off very well and ensuring there's no gap in learning. 


Teachers are well qualified and up to date with the requirements of an IB IGCSE school. Their experience in managing international students allows us as parents to feel secure about their future. 


School is proactive in sending regular communication and updates on progress made by students. Easy for parents to remain well informed and involved. Good international school in Bangalore. 


Good international school. Appreciate the focus on identifying, bringing out, and shaping the unique talent of each student.


Whenever I visit the campus I see enthusiastic students enjoying their day at Candor. Appreciate the support that the school has provided over the years. 


IGCSE results for 2019 have been remarkable. School is doing exceptionally well on the academic front.


A healthy student-teacher-parent ecosystem exists at Candor. That's a big positive and helped my daughters improve academically as well as in co-curricular activities. 


Our expectations as parents are being met. Timely support from teachers and staff. Events such as sports day, cultural fests, etc are always well organized and very engaging.


Good infrastructure. Strong and loyal faculty. Principal is very approachable and cares about the students. Highly recommended. 


Excellent for international curriculum - but does not have CBSE or ICSE.


The school wasn't even clear about the syllabus taught to the seniors and made a mistake in giving wrong papers that led to many problems I had to face when applying for universities. They weren't even giving predicted grades after I left school after 11th grade even though I was a private candidate writing exams in Candor. this made it harder for me to apply to universities.

The teachers were not clear about the syllabus and didn't teach well.


It's just an international name with a local mindset. Do not expect what you have experienced abroad. Unlike slogan of HSBC it does not deliver of international brand and local flavour. There is no international mindedness other than the fees charged.

The curriculum is only as good as it's delivery, and delivery at the school is sub-par, teacher specific, no supervision.

That's why you will experience fluctuating standards based on the teacher, her attitude, her experience, qualification or lack of it. Food is great, campus is impressive but we send our children to school for education.

Been here for 3 years looking for alternatives. Many inefficiencies are hidden in the guise of IBDP, since there is no visible tracking of curriculum and its completion or supervision, due to no text books and lack of academic supervision/oversight infrastructure.  
If you are a parent who has a pot of gold to bequeath your children rather than have them make a career themselves and just want a day care so that you don't have to worry about taking care of them during the day, this is the school you should send your children to.
If you are interested in getting proper education and equipping your child with a career and a future, please look elsewhere; this school lacks the academic infrastructure and maturity to care for your interests.
Your money goes to contribute only to the building and physical infrastructure. It's not ploughed back to invest in what matters - quality teachers and proper supervision.

I will also be pulling my kid out of this school. It has done a biggest disservice to me as a parent and to my child's foundation.


Both my kids are studying in Candor International School  for past three years and we are absolutely satisfied. Current principal and Vice-Principal  has enormous experience working in International Schools, which is obviously seen in the performance of our children from the beginning of this academic year. This year, especially is filled with lots of events and competitions, my kids, especially the elder one is blooming up to be unique, he has come out of the many fears that he had, had. Immense thanks to the school for teaching him to be an independent and confident child.  Immense thanks to the school for teaching him to be an independent and confident child. This year as parents (My hubby and I) what we feel is that, our kids are being taught to balance between studies and various activities that happens in the school. They are encouraged to participate in various inter school competitions, this is really boosting up their confidence level. Thanks to the Management, especially the Vice Principal, who has a rich experience in the educational field and leading the students in the right direction. 


The school is relatively new and has a few no of children hence the individual attention is very good. 
The teachers are very well trained and very sincere 
Security measures outstanding- have been this way long before the recent events in the city 
Value base is very strong- there is a lot of humility and simpleness in the Management, their desire to serve the community is very evident 
Green school, Organic garden etc really helps students appreciate nature, reduce wastage etc. 
The management has recently hired a few senior people from other international schools, hence currently there is complete chaos on what the school value system is. There is mismatch between the original simplicity of the school and the new show-offness.  

Portions of the campus that is still under construction is very haphazardly covered, looks bad and worry about the safety of the children 




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