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Before my daughter was weak in Science subject but now she remembers everything. She started teaching me in fact.


My daughter is studying in this school for past 3 years. I decided to join her to this school,as it was very close to my house. For the same reason, I am continuing her in this institute, inspite of not being satisfied with the quality of the faculty. As the chairman is not an educationist, I think he is not skilled enough to recruit good teachers. Bearing one or two teachers most of them are below par. I think the management need to pay more attention towards this, rather than the infrastructure, which is decent.


Its been a year when my daughter joined BIA  in 7th Standard as we relocated from Mumbai . and were searching for a school near by our place as traffic is the most time consuming thing . Being a nuclear family both of us were working . so we were looking for some safe place for my daughter , I was suggested by a neighbor to visit BIA and see if we like . we went and saw the amenities it was quite impressive something were more if i compared from Mumbai Schools. 
Being a father of a girl, it always reminds me for a safety concern all was.
As assured me by the People who were there which was part n  part of the admission i interacted to couple of parents also out side the school for my guidance & got her admitted , Since then seeing the amenities/transport/safety any one we it has been quite impressive that what they assured was very well delivered till date . 
i have  recommended 2 colleagues of mine for the same school.
at most thank to the School & also to my neighbor who recommended me of Bangalore International Academy.



The year of 2009/10 brought our family many gifts including the birth of our fourth child Rishab . Had it not been for Bangalore International Academy and the financial aid which made it possible for Aryaman to at eleven, I fear that this would have been a very difficult time for us. As a family the School has brought peace to our home, a thriving student to life and given us all the time and energy to devote to spending many happy nights together in harmony welcoming our new baby to the world. We will for ever be grateful to the Bangalore International Academy for all that it has done for us as a family and for the tools which it is equipping Aryaman with in order to be a happy, healthy and confident boy. I have no doubt that due to the help he has received from BIA, Aryaman will grow up to be an extraordinary man ready to take on whatever life throws at him.

I would like to thank everyone who has made Aryaman


I am so happy that my daughter  is studying in BIA, even I also attended PTM but i dint find any such bad information about children n teachers and one more thing i have to say that all staff  is very co-operative and helpful....

thank you


Bangalore international academy at Jayanagar 7th block is just a big showoff. They do anythng and everything to gain publicity. They don't encourage kids. But instead of that they blame kids and parents in parent teacher meetings ( PTM ). So far our experience with this school is very bad. As parents we are disappointed a lot.


hey my son is studying in BIA am proud to that he was studying in BIA and more thing i have tell that last month the school has celebrated annual sports  meet with accompanied with BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL it came out fabulous
and school organised  very neatly n well disciplined.....    


Hey even my daughter also studying in BIA...actually compare to her old school i have seen so much improvement in her studies in BIA. am happy regarding my daughter studies....


my son is studying here n am seeing so much growth in his studies n in sports also. i attend last PTM teachers explain me about my son very clearly n politely.Teaching staff is  very good. i dont have any issues on infrastructure because they are providing what the updated school has to provide.....


Last year my daughter was studying in Bangalore International School, Jayanagar. The main issues I faced with the school were that it does not take any kind of responsibility. While filling up the admission form for next year, parents were asked to sign on the following clauses: 1.If the child goes out of the premises, the school is not responsible! 2. If anything happens to the child in school premises the school is again not responsible! Can you imagine this?? Their attitude reminds me of the notice put up on the parking of shopping malls "Parking at Owner's Risk


Our child is studying in the cbse stream in secondary school. Our experience has been quite bad. Some teachers are very sincere but overall quality of teaching is very poor. Questions and answers are simply asked to be copied from previous years' notebooks. They are not made to do anything on their own. They were not taken to the science lab even once for actual practicals, but photos were taken with the students posing, to market themselves. None of the infrastructure claimed is in good condition and neither is it put to use. The focus is less on education and more on putting up a show. The so called "smart " classrooms which are meant using audio visuals as a supplement to main teaching, have become the main stay, with the CD plying on its own to aid the teacher to either sleep or eat in class! If some one is looking for good facilities atleast on the sports front, they are bound to be disappointed.


My Child is studying in Class X. He is studying in the school from last 5 Yrs. I saw magnificent growth in my child. He took participation in National and International Level Championships and won many medals. Even in studies he did well so far. As the school is starting Class XI next year under CBSE Board, I am happy that my child will continue the studies in the same school and will make bright future. I would like to give thanks to all staff, Teachers, Principal & Management for great support & services.




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