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I am a parent of a LKG kid in Harvest International school. Below are some pointers which can give a fair idea of the school.
1. School is far. So there is no option but the school bus. It becomes tough for the mothers who do not know any vehicle and had to pick or drop the kid in case of emergency. No Auto goes there. However, pollution free like noise, dust etc.
2. Big green lawns act up as a playground, which is good.
3. Interiors are excellent. Very spacious and well ventilated. Full of sunlight and fresh air. Very pleasant environment for studies.
1. Very cool and new generation. They interact with parents very cordially and like someone close.
2. Child attention is appropriate. Study methodology is very good. 
3. Timely information about every events.
1. Back ground verified and monitored.
2. Very much in management control.
1. The complete package along with transport, study kit, dress, miscellaneous expenses comes to 140000/- (2013-14). However, the fees increases by 10% every year. This does not include admission fees, which is 30000. Transportation fee is way higher but the distance justifies it.
Conclusion: After an year of attachment, I feel the fees is higher. Tuition fees is alone 87000. And it grows 10% every year. Once the kid is habituated with this kind of posh treatment, it becomes very tough to downsize the school later. I am convinced that school will teach the required attitude but studywise, it has to be from the parents, be it any school. So then why spending so much.


Harvest is a wonderful school. it has many activities and my child loves them. It has the perfect mix of scholastic and non scholastic activities. He loves going to school and looks forward to participate in those activities.


I am very happy with Harvest International School. I child attends Montessori 3 program at
HIS and I am very happy with the teaching method, interaction with faculties and communication and the very professional management of the school. The student teacher ratio is good. There are many curricular and extra curricular activities to engage and encourage the children. The important criteria for me to seek admission at HIS were the hygienic environment, courteous authorities and staff and above all the professional manner in which they addressed my queries. We moved to Bangalore from US in the middle of the academic year 2013-14 and her teachers at HIS helped her to deal with the transition better. Im glad I made  decision to join Harvest, till this date, no regrets. Have discussed the school with other parents and most parents are happy with HIS. I highly recommend the school to all parents.



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