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The teachers of Pravesh school are apt at teaching kids in relevance to their age. Especially ma’m Padma, fondly called Padma teacher, has scores of years of experience in teaching and handling toddlers. Her methods are from the proven kindergarten teaching methodologies and importantly, practised by her for many number of years now. Consequently, what stands out is that the school inculcates learning and discipline in children, motivating them to know why these are important. Of course it’s a degree of learning and discipline that suits their age and the children enjoy it. And surely the school doesn’t take one for a ride with those fancy sounding curriculum that anything but burns the parents’ pockets.


My daughter's first school and I am proud to say she has turned out so well in a year. Padma Ma'am as she is known, truly cares for her students. It is hard to find someone so responsible in today's times. My daughter had a wonderful year here and learnt many things.


My daughter completed 1 Year in Pravesh play school (AECS Layout – Brookfields). This play school is amazing. In 1 Year (2011 – 12) I could see lot of improvements in her – Knowledge & good manners. Their activities are really good. My daughter loves to go to Pravesh. This month (May) is vacation time - every day she tells 'I want to go to Pravesh'. Pravesh is a wonderful play school. This Year also she will be going to same school.


My daughter studied at Pravesh Play school during 2007-08. The school played a great role in grooming my daughter into a fine young lady, who is well mannered, obedient and focused on whatever she does. Adding to that, she aced all the LKG admission interviews she went for. I'd recommend Pravesh to anyone who is looking for a place that would lay foundation stone for their child' future growth, both academic and non-academic.


My daughter spent nearly 3 years in Pravesh play school and the feedback that I can give about this school is "Excellent". The kind of individual attention that gets for the kids from Padma teacher helps in their overall development. Now my son started going to Pravesh and I am sure he will enjoy and learn a lot for next 2 years.


My daughter Aishwarya studied under Mrs. Padma in her playschool. Her action songs and Concerts are a class apart. My daughter's love for music was inculcated here.When your child is under Mrs. Padma , you know that they are in safe hands. Her General awareness classes are unique and its extremely beneficial to the child. She blends the traditional and modern methodologies of teaching , which makes Pravesh an even more desirable playschool to send your young one to.


My daughter Deepika studied under Mrs Padma Rajasekaran for 2 yrs, from 1985-1987.Fondly known as Padma aunty,she was a fun-loving,caring,disciplinarian.the children she taught loved the singing time, when Mrs Padma taught them action songs, singing and dancing with the children.she taught them social and communication skills.she keeps in touch with her past pupils and is fondly remembered by my daughter Deepika.Pravesh school is the best for any child to learn their first lessons in life.



Hi, Pravesh play school is one of the Modernized traditional school . the school uses the right blend of traditional values with modern techniques. My kid really enjoyed the time over there till 4 and i want her to continue for some more time but they focus only the age group till 4 ut was one of the amazing exp for kids and ofcourse for the parents where we learn little things from kid wonderfull team.. regards, Kathiravan


Pravesh was a good start for my kid. He went there for three years and moved on to a bigger school after completing his nursery there. With well trained teachers like Mrs. Padma there, you get the feeling that your child is in safe hands. They have one on one writing sessions which really helped my kid get A+ in LKG right from the beginning. Kids get personal attention there and they learn to share, come out of their shyness and speak up. My kids eating habits improved a lot while he was in the day-care at Pravesh. I would certainly recommend Pravesh school to all.


My daughter is completing 2 years in Pravesh Play School in AECS Layout Bangalore. I feel that the school has thought her the right things required for a 3 year old. In our case the school took extra personal effort to improve her writing skill and to teach good manners, hygiene and politeness. I think Mrs Padma's long experience of more than 15 years in kinder garden helps the school to distinguish between hype and core values of nursery education.I found admissions are open for next year and any parent who is interested can contact the school Regards Shylaja


Hi My daughter studied in Pravesh 2009-10 and I strongly recommend any parents who wish to have their Children a good beginning (Pravesh) in education to join this school . I am very much impressed with the way of teaching ,care and hygiene and also it was very easy for my child to pickup in academic activities when she joined LKG last year . Padma Teacher is excellent teacher and well experienced which adds the difference for Pravesh compared to others. -Manoj Mukundan




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