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I feel very happy about choosing this School for my son Gautham K (Grade 1). Today we have celebrated birthday in School and it has been an incredible experience. Actually we thought of celebrating at home but my son wants to celebrate his birthday in school. Now I realised that SORSFORT International School is another home for my son. I really want to thank all the teacher's staff and especially principal sir. It's a great pleasure to tell you that the birthday function was very well organised and was beyond our expectation. The School is very good. The staff's are very friendly and treat the children like their own. It genuinely feels like a family. My son has improved his reading and writing skills.


Hi everyone.. My son goes to daycare since more than year... I am finding lot of improvements in past one month.. care takers are good...


Sorsfort is a beautiful highly academic oriented school


It is a wonderful school . my daughter moved to this school and she seems very happy and loves the school tremendously. her teacher is very friendly and loving towards the kids. The extra curricular activities everyday keeps the kids involved and also find right mix of academics and haven


I would highly recommend Sorsfort


I had a bad experience with this school . my child was attending school. They dont have experienced or qualified staff. They teachers change frequently. The day care facility is the worst. Neither required staff is there and they dont take proper care of the kids. When you complain they have a ready answer that nothing is wrong and child is happy. There is no proper administration. There is no principal in school. Don't know how they got the approval from ICSE board to start classes. They don't follow the guidelines required to be followed for an educational institution. Only fee collection timing is perfect and after you have paid they are not bothered about your concerns . Please don't admit your children here.


My daughter is studying in this school from last 3 years.... I guess not only in terms of qualification but also in terms of number of years of experience for teachers, they are awsome!!! Rather the level of attention is so good that I am in touch with all three teachers of my child (even from previous classes).Academically the concepts hwich she has built in kindergarten is helping her a lot in class 1. This year it was clearly visible when she participated in Olympics exams....

I guess they have strictly implemented some measure for child safety like 'Blue gate' , only Moms to be permitted beyond a certain point... These measures are awsome and lot of my friends and family support this. I guess some of the parents are uncomfortable with this... Anyways they have a zero tolerance as far as 'child safety' is concerned...

Anyways, the name which Sorsfort has got in electronic city Bangalore is huge. Getting admission from the limited seat quota for even my cousin is getting tougher.
They have several good teachers whose names have been mentioned by several parents in different forms. I guess like any parent, one can visit them on saturday and speak to them. 

I have seen virtually very very few schools who would have implemented concepts of CCE or HOTS. These are mandated by ICSE board. When I get the report card for my daughter from Sorsfort I can see these.

I had experienced transportation issues during my daughter's first year. But today it is quite stable. They have actually very good buses and some of their lady caretakers in buses are very elderly senior people....i guess which is good for us. I guess they learned and made it very effective... I know the transport manager Anand... He is nice , humble and soft spoken... a rarity seen in transport department....

I use to be in touch with Bhavana (their earlier Admission officer) but I guess her husband is now transferred to different city... She was actually very helpful ... Not aware of the name of the new admission person

I guess I have shared all my experience with the Parents... Best is to visit and see for your self...

Hope to catch up with some of you at the campus.... Thanks!


Very bad experience with the Sorsfort School. Very bad management and all new Teachers every year because they are paid less and so have low quality and results of having teachers moving out every now and then.
The school have a decorated area in ground floor specially made to attract parents with all Einstein like Quotes pasted all over the Walls. School doesn't open windows and nor allow any parent(s) to meet kid(s) while school is running. Even kids are not allowed to meet parents in any case what so ever things can happen with the kid. After you admit kid in the school, it's like recurring deposit in Mutual Fund for the School.
After finding all these with the school, I decided to take the transfer of my kid to another school and now School is harassing with ongoing dates and not supporting to provide the Transfer certificate. 
Parents, please do not admit your kids to this School. There is no Principal in the School and whenever asked there will be one lady named Firdous handling all things and you will get always a reply as Principal is busy, he is out of town and all sort of stories. Kids are special to every parents and for better education and guidance it's better to go with other comparatively better school.


 Wanted to share my experience/feedback with Sorsfort International School ECITY. This feedback is applicable only for junior kids (should not be extrapolated for higher classes).


 - Teachers and education. They have few good teachers and are dedicated to education.    Kusuma maam is really good and I am thankful to her for the way she deals with kids.

 - Kids like going to school.

 - Reasonable fees.

Not So Good:- 

  -  Hopeless school transport management and administration.  Management and administration needs discipline from all stakeholders and they are pretty poor in this aspect. 

 -  Transport - They simply do not know the basics to manage transport. No knowledge of geography/topography of the area they serve. The people who decide the routes have zero knowledge about how to manage and are amateurish. People keep changing every few months. This is not to say that their intent is not right. They try to serve whims and fancies of parents and the end result is everyone suffers. I was told once that they had to stop the bus for 15 minutes and make everyone wait as the lift is not working in one child




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