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We were initially happy but of late the school is going from bad to worse. They are very autocratic. Have no respect for parent


My son is in 2nd grade at TRIO. We have been pleased with the school so far. He is a day scholar and has only joined this year. The parent teacher meetings are very helpful and informative. They tell us where our child needs to improve and point out his best strengths. His teacher explained about their differentiated learning approach so that he learns at his own pace. What I liked most is that my son is developing an interest towards reading and public speaking. I would like to recommend it to the parents looking for individualized attention and balanced academics and sports.


My daughter has recently joined tots preschool in Sahakar Nagar. When they say it is the most spacious preschool in Bangalore, they really mean it. My daughter is the shy kind and usually keeps to herself. I was worried how she would adjust when she started her preschool. But the teachers here have been very motivated & supportive of my child


My work takes me all over India but Bangalore has been my preferred city. I am happy to have found the perfect international school for my son who will be going to 6th grade soon. His teachers are truly from an international background! My son is very active and loves sports. He has been taking part in football, cricket and badminton regularly and the facilities are really good at TRIO. Mr. Avinash, his sports coach has been very supportive and has patiently answered all my questions. They have a large enough playground. I am happy that his academics do not get affected because of the great coaching and individual attention that he gets so that he is ahead in his studies. The boarding facilities are decent and the warden is good too.


My daughter is studying in the 9th grade at Trio School. Her 4 years have been delightful. The AS/A levels are fast approaching and she could not have been in a better place to step into a very important phase of her life. High school teachers are always encouraging to her and help in extra classes too.


My 8 year old son has been studying in trio for 2 years now. His teachers are really amazing and always been very approachable and helpful whenever i needed any help. It has been a very safe place to study. I would like to recommend it to anyone looking for a small size school within the city limit.


I am moving to India from USA. I am looking for admission at TRIO, Please anyone suggest me about Trio world school through your opinion. I would be relocating to Bangalore in March.does Does anyone know what the fees structure for A-levels and also Boarding Facilities. Please do let me know your views on Trio World School.


I  am really a happy parent today. My child love going trio every morning , though it's painful for me to wake up at 5am. TRIO is just a amazing school which has won my child's heart and soul. She never wants to miss the school... thanks to lovely teachers. I would recommend it all parents to explore the opportunity to be TRIO parent.


My child has been going to Trio for the past one year and I am very happy with the school. My son is Nursery and absolutely loves his teachers - they seem very caring which I think is more important than anything else at this tender age. In terms of learning, they don't drill the ABCs like most traditional schools but focus on a more well rounded curriculum  - each month's theme helps children learn about everything from animals and plants to countries and community helpers and more. Their sports and music classes are also very good which they have in addition to art and computers. My only gripe is that the hours are very long (7:30-3:00 for nursery) but that includes breakfast, lunch, snack and nap time. The school's infrastructure is one of the best I have seen. 


There are lot of international schools have propped up in last 4 -5 years in Bangalore. But choosing a right one is very tricky. I had a personal experience with TRIO world school and have found it really value for money. My kid is simply enjoying studying there. Staff is very curtious and they pay a personal attention to each of the student.


I have struggle a lot in Bangalore to find an International Standard School, as we were relocating from Dubai. There are many so called "International School" but none have either good standard or they have larger class size or Not much ECA & Facilities.Even all faculties were Local. But i found TRIO to be best among them with Lesser fees then others. Their class size is Max 15 and a range of ECA,ESL etc.More over they have students from 20 different countries and Multicultural Faculties. I was very much impress with school..




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