Nurture Montessori House Of Children Kasturi Nagar - Bangalore

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If your child settles well they take credit if not say it dint work for the child but, no effort are made to make a child comfortable/ get used to the atmosphere,people around, to the routine, to the system... Absolute no freedom given to kid from crying,to eating,to talking,to playing nothing!! It's all bookish script they talk which actually sounds good,perfect,well though but actually does not work to a child who needs love,attention, care, compassion which is absolutely absent there. Don't go by the looks/ the way they speak to you or the gyaan on Montessori they give during orientation. It's all fake. They just don't have the first basic human emotion towards a child. Absolute waste of money and a very unpleasant experience to a child. They are not child friendly, staff attitude none are confident, or have the courage/ability to answer anything(only one person knows, talks, discuss, reply to everything rest all are puppets). They are just money makers kids really don't matter to them! The fees is hefty too 1.10 lakhs for m1.


Best Montessori school in bangalore and I am happy that they have started STD 1 to STD 3. 



We are glad that the school is wonderfully nurturing our 4 year daughter . 

The monthly reports point out every aspect of the child


Our daughter has been attending M1. We have noticed significant positive changes in her nature and temperament We feel assured that the school’s mentors, staff, physical environment and teaching methods are conducive to her all-round development. We are trying our best to implement the Montessori methodology outside school hours too.we feel so Good about the school.


best montessori school with different approach




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