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Dear Parents, I'm looking for class 4 admission this year(2023-2024). Is BVM still maintaining the same standard of teaching? Are they giving individual attention for children if required? Pls provide your feedback. It will be a good help for me to decide on the school. Thanks


The fact that my son has been a part of BVM family for the last 3 years itself shows that I am  happy with every aspect of the institution.  This school is very much student centric and always focuses on the improvement and welfare of the students. The management is open to feedback and implements ideas shared by parents. Currently, during this pandemic situation, where everyone is connected remotely, I really appreciate and am grateful for the wonderful effort which the teaching faculty has put in to make the online classes a huge success without compromising on the quality of work.  It's a complete new phase for the teachers - transforming from the " brick and mortar" classes to " online" , but I must say that I am amazed to see how quickly the teachers have picked up the new required skills and adapted to them. Once again - Thanks ! and keep doing the amazing work that you are known for.


Un-supporting Management. I got a last minute relocation notification from my job in March. I immediately applied for TC for my daughter. Since the cut-off for TC request was Jan 31st, the School Management is demanding 1st Term tuition and book fees (~ 26K) in order to issue the TC. The explanation given is they have to make arrangements for kids transfer to the new campus. I agree on paying the book fees as they have already purchased the books; however I still can't understand why do I need to pay first term fee. First term fee would have made sense had my daughter blocked a seat and deprived anyone of this seat. The admissions are still going on and they are filling more seats; so feel I am being held at ransom and the Management is extorting free money. This is shocking and unbelievable. I would not recommend this school. Parent be aware !


There are basic parameters Parents look for before joining their Kids in any school.

To speak the least, I am moving my child out of this school. You can understand why.

Only advantage is for Tamilians who are looking forward to enter BVM Chennai (very famous for its standards) indirectly by joining their Kids in this Bangalore branch & subsequently taking a transfer.


When we moved from Mumbai to Bangalore we had to choose between 3 schools. Our choice was BVM Global @ Nandiwoods. Our main points of consideration were - no pressure of academics, an opportunity for kids to grow as individuals, an approachable school team, reasonable class strength & teacher-student ratio. It was important for us that the teacher know all of his/her students, a school with multiple branches and a place where safety is a priority, and responsibility & accountability are a part of school value system. 

BVM Global sure met our requirements. Both our kids go to kindergarten in this school. Importance is given to a child as an individual. Kids learn to be independent & self expressive. The school nurtures the child


Our son studies here in class 1. This is our first year in bvm global.
We relocated to bangalore from New York after 4+ years. Our son had a soft landing in this school. The staff helped and supported him in having a smooth transition. I can see him reciting slokas and singing bhajans on a daily basis. The school celebrates all festivals and teaches children the significance of these festivals. The school follows value based system of education. The class strength is very reasonable (25-27 students per class). The teaching methodology is comparable with the ones used in the U.S.. So, I can infer this as an ideal blend of traditional knowledge with modern technology. The school keeps parents updated about minute details through SMS, yokibu communication and phone calls.
The school is open to constructive suggestions from parents.
The school bus drivers are very considerate. The atmosphere is child-centric. I am a happy parent.


We are known to BVM for more than two decades... This gave us confidence and admitted our daughter in class five. Bvm has still maintained their quality of education and we can see that with our daughter and learning is fun here. We infact secure admission for our son in lkg for the next academic year


Both my kids study here and I must say this school stands apart from other schools in Bangalore. The theme of this school is value education which is hardly any other school talk about let alone follow it.

The school blends traditional knowledge with modern technology in an unique way that's so rare to find these days. They give equal importance to studies as well as sports activities which boosts the childrens' confidence right from the tender years. Each student has a development tracker maintained by the teachers and each one's learning curve is given due importance. Every small dip in child's performance is brought to the notice of the parents and attention given by teachers for his/her improvement.

My kids feel very good and enthused to go to school even before the school starts it's day! And I can see a sea change in their confidence/ knowledge/ expression ability since I shifted them from a so-called nationally reputed school.

I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants to see their kid growing holistically in a child centric atmosphere.


My Son Prakshit is studying in Pre KG in BVM nandi woods, The school seems to be really good and I can see a lot of improvement in my son learning and activities being a 3 years old child he is been well trained by the teachers of the school in communicating the home work, though the activities are written in the dairy.. They also send monthly circular which helps the parent to understand what is been though for that month in the school.. If I should say one of the best schools where kids are not pressured by giving daily home work and project works they are been trained in the school well their syllabus is good and less .According to all other school fees,Bvm fees is reasonable and even the bus fees for one way they don't charge the complete amount which is a very good advantage. BVM also focus on slokas and they celebrate all the festivals and teach them the importance of each festival and celebrate. They also focus on Robotics which I have not found in most of the schools.I am very happy that I have short listed BVM and have put my son for Pre KG.


BVM global syallabus got revised according to new terms from cbse board...On all the fridays,they vl give home work and sent all the work sheets and activities done by the kids to home...for kg kids,they always sent an monthly update reg. Wat they taught in school and work sheets on all the fridays...from 1std to 5th std,they always conduct chapter test and class test..there is no annual exams but there is always test in all the subjects.. Cumulative of these test scroes vl be given as grade for the student in their report card....math lab, robatic lab and vedic heritage pgmes vl make Bvm one step ahead of all other schools in Bangalore...According to all other school fees,Bvm fees is reasonable and feasible for every1....i am a happy parent..


BVM is good school. but the concern is the syllabus they follow. it is very less. what ever they teach in 1st standard, the same syllabus is thought in UKG in other schools. they dont give homework, no tests. so concern is we will not come to know what our children is studing and how much she knows


It is indeed a delight , my daughter goes to BVM GLobal @ Nandi woods and she is excited to goto school . She has picked up lots of confidence , begun being outspoken , actively participates in events. The best part is each child is given an opportunity to be in front of stage and face audience at some occasion . The school believes each child is uniquely gifted and they try and nurture it best . The teaching methodolgy also seems to be just apt based on how much a child can actually grasp and in the best method possible . Overall , my daughter enjois both learning at BVM and her extra curriculars too. Its totally a delight to see me child goto school with all pleasure . Thats what we can expect from a well organised school and am happy i found one after all the school hunt around bangalore . Thats the best what a school can offer and rest some nurturing also needs to happen at home . I guess i would always remain happy and never regret having my daughter at BVM. The serene atmosphere @ Nandi woods, smiling approach of teachers to studends and a perfect blend of culture , values , and a global methodology adapted in teaching will sure help a child in his/ her complete exposure to perfect learning . My best regards to all parents who are hunting for your childs school. Regards , Raji .


Iam really happy that my son is part of BVM Global @ Nandiwoods family.We had shortlisted BVM Global for son,because we were looking for a school which has a good blend of both old & new approach of education.We are happy with the school.He has learrnt many slokas & each festival is celebrated @ school.So my son tells me what is the reason behind the celebration. Iam a happy parent :)




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