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Dear All (including the ParentTree Coordinator),

My review posted yesterday was deleted by ParentTree Coordinator because apparently it did not adhere to ParentTree "Terms of Use", "Code of Conduct", etc. Accordingly, I have now revised the review to adhere to the ParentTree regulations. I have not used any defamatory content nor any other "objectionable" content in the review that follows. Instaed, I have stuck to what is my objective assessment of the school. Now, if still this review is deleted again, I will have some serious doubts about ParentTree as a upright and reliable website that is not cowed down by money power or political pressure.
I am going to focus my review primarily on three things: Academic proficiency of the teachers (teaching abilities), School Infrastructure and Processes, and lastly Communication experience with School authorities
(1) Academic proficiency: My son studies in Upper KG and several of my neighbour's children are in classes 1 to 6 at this so-called upper-class school. While, I found most junior class teachers to be reasonably sincere and adequate at teaching the young kids and having the prowess to inculcate the right educational basics, the academic proficiency of most of the teachers in the higher grades leaves much to be desired. Many are just plain disinterested and haughty. Any complaint about the child or delay in getting back with project work material is made a big deal of. But all efforts to get the teacher to explain the study material or chapters to the students doesn't get the same response. Overall, the teachers seem more involved in getting the students to take part in activities that have additional charges for the parent to pay - spell-bee preparations, dance shows, story-telling sessions and contests, etc.
(2) School Infrastructure & Processes: The school infrastructure is very adequate and generally overall cleanliness of the classrooms, play areas and bathrooms, etc is reasonable. There is some bit of construction still happening here and there, but the chool has adequate play areas, parking is kept separate from the main building area and even a swimming pool is there within the premises (although hardly any of the school children get ti use it). However in terms of processes in the school, there seems to be issues galore.  Right from pre-admission formalities to screening, admission and post-admission processes, the school authorities have a very blatant "take it, or leave it" attitude. Every process seems to aimed at making the parent responsible for everything that concerns the child, even when the child is in the school premises. The school will make you sign documents saying that the school is NOT to be held responsible for any mishap that occurs in the school, no responsibility for their well-being at all. If the child falls down due to any negligence by their school-bus staff, you cannot hold them responsible. It is like a general disclaimer against taking any blame or responsibility on themselves.
(3) Communication with school authorities: The scholl has an ERP and web presence  and tries to provide all communication through the same. However, this is very badly maintained and most times you will only find prompt payment reminders, event notifications at last minute, etc. Fee payment reminders, extra fee and charges intimations, charges for annaul day celebrations, etc will reach you without fail well in advance by SMS, Email, Teacher's note in Dairy, etc. But if you ask for why the bus failed to pick up the kid on time or why they do not ensure enough seats in the bus so that the child can sit safetly in a moving bus, don't expect any answers from the management team. Principal at the school has been changed innumerable times in the last 5 years at this school. At the slightest pretext, parents are turned away at the main gate when they come to drop their child at the school and want to meet any of the school management people. The only saving grace is that most of the junior class?teachers seem very cordial?and take extra care of the children when they are inside the classroom. All parent teacher interaction is restricted to only the parent-teacher's meetings.
Overall, I would not even give this school the 2.5 stars that it currently has.


This is one of the worst school who are concerned only with minting money and profitability rather than providing a safe and secure environment for the kids. The student ratio is less but the number of sections are extremely high and huge lack of qualified teachers. Please don't feel it as a status symbol to send to such international schools where the safety of the child is compromised. There are enough eviidence and recent rape case incident which proves the attitude of this school. Please beware


After the shocking incident that has come to light, I felt like writing this up as a new parent....This write up is based on ONLY my thoughts as a responsible Banglorean.

After seeing other reviews about this school I feel that this is not a school where children are sent to learn good things, it


Management is saying that they are not responsible. and they are not involved.

Rustom Kerawalla, the founder of VIBGYOR HIGH, finally speaks. Just look at his pathetic attitude

It is shocking to see his attitude. Look at his expression. He seem to be irritated by all the hue and cry. certify that this is my honest, personal review based on my own experience. That I have not been offered any payment or incentive to write this review. That I am not associated with any agency that markets this product/service/brand in any manner


My neighbors daughter is studying in 4th std in Vibgyor High School and her parents are raving about her school. They only have great things to say about the school. Great teachers, outstanding curriculum, great culture and environment and most importantly their daughter loves the school.


My daughter is currently studying in UKG and I had applied for Grade-1,2013-14 at Vibgyor,Horamavu. Last week she underwent a assessment test in English and Maths.i am very disappointed with the way the assessment was conducted and their approach towards a 5 yr old. Instead of taking my child to a classroom my kid did the test siting in one of the desk at their office, surrounded by large crowd of parents (who had come in for admissions) and other office staff.The lady who conducted the test was not a teacher but one of the office staff.The lady was either busy talking over the phone or using the computer and also asking questions to my kid. now how do they expect a 5 yr old to be focused in between all these distractions? And to top it all my kid was asked to do additions and subtractions a concept that has not been introduced to UKG kids at her school yet.I tried informing regarding the same to one of the staffs who handles the admission process.These concepts will be taught only during the 2nd and 3rd terms of this academic can they ask these questions nw itself?Hw can they assess the level of a child by asking her about concepts she is yet to be introduced to?i was even willing to share my kid's current syllabus and also show her worksheets from her current school.But i was told i can share all this with the co-ordinator at the time of interaction and also i can bring her current academic books so that they can know about her performance.I was also told only after the interaction the admission will be finalized. Today i went with my child for the interaction session.The minute we sat down for interaction the coordinator told me "Your daughter is academically very poor". Just because my child was unable to answer 5+4 does she become academically very poor? Even today i was willing to show them her UKG books...were till date she has performed very well and has got full marks in all the assessments. when i mentioned this,the lady ignored and moved on to tell, my kid did not interact with her whereas the interaction for my child did not even last for a minute.She felt my child my kid is hyperactive and that having hyperactive kids in their classroom is bad for their curriculum. If a 5yr old's curiosity to explore a new environment is termed as hyperactivity and being unable to answer 5+4 is low in intelligence....AM SORRY LADY U PEOPLE ARE NOT FIT ENOUGH TO RUN A SCHOOL...U ARE THE ONES THAT ARE BAD FOR THE CURRICULUM...I WOULD'NT WANT TO SEND MY CHILD TO A SCHOOL THAT HAS A BAD ATTITUDE,LACK PROFESSIONALISM AND LACK ENTHUSIASM TOWARDS KIDS.


Last year my daughter was studying in Sr.KG in Vibgyor, Marathahalli. The main issues I faced with the school was that it does not take any kind of responsibility. While filling up the admission form for next year, parents were asked to sign on the following clauses: 1.If the child goes out of the premises, the school is not responsible! 2.If anything happens to the child in school premises the school is again not responsible ! Can you imagine this?? There attitude reminds me of the notice put up on the parking of shopping malls "Parking at Owner's Risk" ! The other problem which I faced with Vibgyor was that it believes in philosophy of matching demand with supply. If there are more children seeking admission in the school, instead of refusing them they would just increase the number of sections and accommodate all of them ! So their building grows in height but the campus does not grow in width! The only plus point which I noticed in the school was the class still has 25:2 student-teacher ratio and therefore individual attention to child is given. After all these issues, I have pulled out my child from Vibgyor.


THE VIBGYOR NIGHTMARE VIBGYOR the colours of rainbow ,it reminds you of a beautiful summer day you loved as a child . It is sad that a school with such a name can be so bleak We are parents of two kids ( 4 yrs and 3 yrs) who have recently relocated from Chennai. Like any Indian parents we are under lot of stress regarding our children's school admission . We stay in whitefield and did a through research of schools in and around the locality - talking to friends and neighbors and surfing the net for all possible information . Admissions was closed for some of the schools we were considering . When we called VIBGYOR they said that they are open for admissions for the current academic session for both Nursery and LKG . We were asked to visit the school to register our kids and assured that they will get back to us in a weeks time to let us know about the admission status . When we called them again a week later we were told that a seat is available for LKG but nursery is still on waiting list . On our special request however they condescended to confirm admission for both the wards . We were asked to start sending the kids to school from the next day . We were informed that the reporting time is 8.15 am and school starts at 8.30 . We decided on self drop off and pick for the month of August and start the school bus service from September. We were informed that we have to fill in forms and pay the bus fees at least two days prior to when we want to start the service . We decided to do that later in the month once they are settled in the school. FIRST DAY AT VIBGYOR : 1) The first thing that we observed when we went to drop our kids is ,that there was hardly any school supervision when the kids ( many of whom were below five ) disembarked from the school bus. 2) The classes are supposed to commence at 8.30 and at 8.45 there were many school buses crawling down the dirt road leading to the school . It was obvious they had no regard for time and punctuality is not going to a ethics to be imparted by this school 3) Still we tried to keep good faith . When we reported at the reception that the kids have come to school for their first day we were asked to wait for the class coordinators . The LKG coordinator came in shortly and said " welcome to LKG and I will be back in 5 mins " . Well she disappeared for good and after some more waiting I approached the reception again upon which the lady took my girl to her class which happened to be Jr. Kg -Q . My other child was also taken away to his class with some polite words . I confirmed at the reception that the pick up time will be 12.30 for both kids . I went back to pick them up from school at 12.00 . I inquired at the front desk from where I should pick my child and was told to wait at the gate . I did as instructed and soon saw children coming out in long lines to board there buses . It immediately made me uncomfortable to notice how the children aged from 3 years to 6years were being dragged to be loaded to the buses . It seemed that if one goes astray no one would notice . Anyways after the buses have been loaded and left the self pick students started coming out in a lines . I found my boy who goes to nursery in one of these lines but could not find the girl . I kept waiting thinking that she come in a minute . Then when every one left I went to the reception to ask about her delay . The lady at the reception have me a bored look went inside and came back with the Jr. kg Q class teacher . They informed me that " THE CHILD HAS BEEN PUT ON A BUS ROUTE 2 ' . When inquired how could that be when we did not register for transportation at all . She callously replied that she referred to the long term permanent ID card and ignored the temporary ID card which was provided . We were instructed by a woman at the schools help desk to fill in the bus route ect in the ID card form( even if we did not use the service currently ) as it is going to be for long term use . I waited there with heart in my mouth when they called the bus driver and asked to bring the child back to school . I shudder to think who callously they had dealt with a child on her first day to school . When I got my child back I thanked god that nothing worst happened . As I walked away from the premises I had already resolved to withdraw my children from this school . But there is one silver line in all this...... at least this happened to them on the first day .............and I could withdraw before we were knee deep in mud with no rainbow colors in sight anymore . The bad news is my children have to continue in preschool and our school hunt still continues. It was a long account , but I made a point to write it just to warn other parents like me . When I was doing some internet research I had read that previously one kid was locked in the school bus on the sports day because he had fallen asleep in the bus . It was our blunder to ignore such a serious feedback before deciding to put our kid in the school . All this incidents reflect that the administration is very very sloppy and they have way many kids that they can possibly manage


This is our second year going to Vibgyor Kids in Haralur Road. It is a very good school and we are quite happy with the positive changes in our kid. He has become more confident, more participatory, and more friendly. His knowledge of concepts I thought too hard for a 5 yr old are also good, without any undue pressure. The HW quantity is just right and activities, etc are good too. Our PTA engagements have been good. Last year, we were very impressed by the way annual days were conducted. On the negative side, the few things are: 1) The fee is definitely too high for pre-primary, considering they don't get use of swimming pool or any sports training. For primary onwards, I can imagine justifying the same. 2) The lack of a proper school ground is only reason why we may shift in future. Kids need sports as much as academics, and not sure Vibgyor has the facilities to do that. 3) The store needs to be better organized. The long queues, ending in no stock and insistence on cash payments do not suit an otherwise well-run school. Must use the Internet better, both to inform parents by email (instead of ERP notice board) and to collect online payments, etc. 4) Teacher attrition seems high, but that has not affected the quality of education so far. Seems to be a universal problem in Bangalore. Overall, it is a fantastic place. Keep it up, guys!


H i parents, i wanted to put my son in vibgyor at jakkur campus. At the time of buying the admisson form they pretended to have waived off the admission fee. But the fee was an icredible 80k for a sr kg kid. Transportation and uniform extra. They initialy promised to provide swimming and skating facilities as mentioned. But after submitting the checks and forms when i again asked about the facilities they said they wouldnt provide bcoz the kids were stil in kindergarten. I asked them to discount on the fees bcoz these facilities werent given. They refused. JUST FOR TEACHING THE BASIC NUMERICALS AND ALPHABETS JUSTFOR 3hrs a day THIS SCHOOL IS CHARGING 80k. THIS IS NOTHING BUT DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. I put my son to a better school with much more facilities.


The school is poorly managed.While the teachers are good, but they need more freedom to be proactive.Teachers personally ensure safety of the students during school functions,making sure they are personally handed over to parents.This is very good. However, school is TOO money minded (yes, all schools are,but this one is excessively so).Annual school events are exorbitant.Even PTMs used for promoting sales of books,activities,etc.Teachers try to influence children to get sponsors during their school events,try to influence (not just inform) them to join summer camps,etc. There are lots of communication & coordination problems. Transparency & accountability are not too good. School is not proactive in addressing parents concerns/problems!The school's ERP does not fully functional(its more a website for school to communicate to parent that an ERP). For the exorbitant amount they charge there are far better schools around!


vibgyor high- haralur branch is an excellent school. i know the fees is a little higher than schools like Ryan DPS, but then its lesser than schools like Greenwood, Indus. so we have to make a choice in terms of affordability. as far as curriculum is concerned, i am 100% sure about it. the haralur branch management is very nice, approachable and warm. some parents might have had bad experience with the management, but that doesnt mean the management is bad. i am a parent and faculty in the school. i should have double reasons to crib, but i am happy and satisfied both ways. all schools have their positives and negatives. you come to know about them in more depth only when you put your child there. there is no school that has no negative. i guess we need to compare the positive with negative.if the positives outweigh the negative, then we should be happy about the school. if negatives outweigh the positive, then we should take out our kids. no point in harboring negative feelings if the child is still going to the school. it lowers the child faith in the school and in his overall education. he will grow up with a feeling that he didnt get good education.


This school's management is extremely poor!There are SEVERAL issues with the school. And what the schools brochure mentions about Accountability, Communication and transparency is for marketing only!It does not walk its talk. NO TRANSPARENCY: The school turns a deaf ear and a blind eye to any issues that a parent may raise. The functioning of the school lacks transparency.. COMMUNICATION: Communication with parents is POOR and not transparent. There are a number of mechanisms to COMMUNICATE TO THE PARENT. But COMMUNICATION MECHANISMS FROM PARENT TO SCHOOL IS SUPPRESSED BY INSISTING ON ONLY WRITTEN COMMUNICATION IN THE SCHOOL DIARY (which FOR THE PARENT is meant for communication with the class teacher regarding academics only - HOWEVER FOR THE CLASS TEACHER THERE IS NO SUCH RESTRICTION).This effectively prevents the parent from raising any other matters, like issues with the store, change of activities,addressing communication/coordination issues/gaps between parent-teacher,parent-teacher-management. The ERP is a just a website! Its ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The school circulars are updated AT THE LAST MINUTE and a parent is somehow supposed to have read it and done the needful! Maybe they expect parents to be only IT professionals constantly glued to their computers waiting for the next circular! PLANNING: The lesson plans, circulars, extra information on curricular activities (like parents arranging for some craft materials) is informed at the very last minute over the "ERP". Then if you complain they expect you to "understand the school's problems"! ACCOUNTABILITY: See the school manual.There are a LOT of RULES FOR PARENTS (See the Parents Manual). None for the school staff (as far as the parents are concerned)!THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE STAFF EITHER NOT DEFINED OR NOT INFORMED TO THE PARENTS. Pls. don't take this lightly. There are several situations where a parent needs to interact with staff other than the class teacher also! Eg.issues with transportation,school uniform availability, change of activities for a student,escalation mechanism when the matter is not resolved by the school teacher on academic issues,etc. When such a need arises, you are up against a bureaucratic wall. Yes there is supposed to be a coordinator, but that is another story (see UNAPPROACHABLE MANAGEMENT below)! However, for matters relating to receiving payments from a parent, ANY of the staff seems to be authorised to help! Yes you can send money payments even stapled to the school diary for school functions, sports activities,etc and the class teacher IS HIGHLY EMPOWERED to PROMPTLY take care of it! Issues raised by parents are ignored by default. This year the school has asked every parent to give an undertaking that they will not even form groups (like parents discussion groups to resolve issues with the school). UNAPPROACHABLE MANAGEMENT: The school management is UNAPPROACHABLE. It is MORE BUREAUCRATIC THAN A GOVT. DEPARTMENT! THE HELP DESK is the final authority (so says the Parents Manual) to decide whether a parent can be given an appointment or not (So the Help Desk is the management)!! And they never do.In the unlikely event that you somehow manage to get one, you can be sure that it is only after your determination levels have been sufficiently tested to frustrating breaking levels! There is supposed to be a coordinator to help resolve any issues.You need to go through the infamous help desk to even talk to her over the phone! Try getting an appointment with him/ her.The help desk will give you a bureaucratic tangle!Write in the diary, send an email,call up a a certain time on a certain day of the week, etc. are some of their mechanisms. Simply getting through becomes the bigger issue! The Help desk is the final authority to determine whether a parent gets a requested appointment or not. THERE ARE A LOT MORE! MAYBE I WILL WRITE AGAIN....SAY ON WHAT HAPPENS IN PTMs... One can write a thesis on this school's functioning...hmmm maybe I will so that other schools can learn how NOT to run a school. PARENTS ARE REQUESTED TO REVIEW OTHER CHOICES BEFORE DECIDING ON THIS SCHOOL AS THEIR CHOICE!


Positives: ---------- In terms of education, we're happy. The kid is so far stress free, and we know that the kid is learning because the kids keeps telling concepts that we know we did not teach. Also, I'm happy with the way they are teaching the fundamental concepts. They are not too particular about the kid's age. Of course, they do tell if the kids are not doing well in certain areas, which is usually obvious if one spends a little time with the kid every day or few days in a week. Negatives: ---------- Fees, fees, and fees. Too much money hungry. I had seen the fees increasing at least 20% per year. The transportation charges are also going up. The detailed aspect of what is being taught is not known to us. Thus, there is no way for us to fill the gaps (if any). Buses are dusty, never on time. For the fee they charge, I think the quality of buses must improve. Significant communication gap exists. Many times we don't even know that something happened. Conclusion ---------- The reasons due to which my kid is still in the school is because of the positives i mentioned above.


My son is studying in VIBGYOR High Marathahalli. This is his 3rd year in the school. Day by day things are getting worst here. 1. They try to make the parents life miserable. Buying uniforms, paying fees, parent teachers meeting, events etc etc are very un-organized. 2. Uniforms they never provided at the right time, for buying uniforms we need to visit multiple times, every time you can buy few items, other item will be out of stock. 3. Paying fees: be ready to stand in a long Q. 4. Teachers: SOme of them won't even talk English properly. If your child is lucky you may get a good class teacher otherwise.. 5. Events: Participating in events students needs to pay registration fee. For every event student suppose to pay Rs50/- as registration fee. 6. Even for attending the Annul day, for each additional pass you have to pay extra, but they won;t arrange anything. Sometimes you won't even get chairs to sit and watch the event. 7. Very poorly managed events. always there will be a confusion. 8. School communication: Day by day it is getting worst. They never inform anything properly on time. 9. School IT: They do maintain a website to see the progress reports, but it is always under construction. Never update the website. One day we receive communication saying check in website, the next day they send a information saying please ignore the note :-) 10. Annual day will be in the open air, the function will go up to 10:00PM during the Feb time frame. It will be cold, if you attend the event all your family members will become sick due to very cold whether. I believe last year many parents provided feedback on this. I am yet to check this year. Year before last year they conducted in St. Johns Auditorium. That was good. 11. Teaching: Its reasonable. but don't know how are they assessing the kids. Money minded school. Quality of eduction used to be good. But not any more. School management is not pro active, their communication to parents are very poor.


I Agree with Ramya.Even my son is in harlur road branch.Iam very much impressed with the method of teaching, no stress.The children enjoy their schooling.There are some logistic problem.If they rectify those problems.I can say it is one of the best school.


As far as my experience goes with Vibgyor High, Haralur road, it is a very nice school for the kids to start with. The kind of foundation that they stress upon is indeed the need of the hour. I specifically like their, sending monthly synopsis of what is to be taught, theme based learning, plenty of activities, involving parents in activities at school at least ones in a month, emphasis on Eng language, sending library books weekly, providign bfst to highlight a few. There are many more schools that take an equivalent fees and do not deliver even these simple things. Now am in a different city and feel how much I miss Vibgyor.


I am really surprised that you guys don't think highly of the school! Personally, have had a great experience with the school:) My kid has been here over a year and loves his school. Why don't you look for another school? Why crib and remain here:)


I do agree completely with Bhat on his views. The school management is interested only on making quick money on pretext of some way or other. In my observation, I do not think any other school has such bad quality of teaching standards, administration standards etc, with kind of fees they are charging per annum. Exorbitant Fees by any standards: Just think for a Sr Kg kid, they are charging approx 67K + Transportation fees and top of it the increase in fees is @ 8-10%. They do not have any coherent admission process and just for gaining quick money, they take admission of new kids at any point of time during calendar year..Which other good school in B'lore do behave like this, I have yet to get a clue.. Teaching standards: The quality of teachers are pathetic. The attrition level is so high that almost every two month, a new teacher comes in as an replacement and the students has to suffer for infrequent changes of teachers. Management accessibility: As commented by few other folks in the forum, conforming with their views, the management is only interested in making education a medium of making good money at the cost of quality. They are hardly accessible and never ever there have been any efforts of keeping open session with parents to understand/get their inputs.. My advice to parents of the wannabe students to seer clear of this school, else you will end up putting your woes in these forums.


This is one of the worst managed schools in the area to say the least. The management is very hungry for money but dont care a bit for hte kids and the least for the parents who shell out such big amounts. They dont even give the holidays which were declared in the beginning of the year. In the name of annual day they call the students for rehearsals even on Saturdays but when it comes to giving holidays they back out saying the syllabus is not complete. If we send the kid to school, by afternoon they are sent back as most of the teachers dont turn up on these days. When they cant tell their own staff to behave right, how do they expect these small children to do so? What motivation do parents have to send them the next time? The entry for the annual days is only for parents. If an additional family members wants to go, we need to shell out Rs.150 for the ticket!! Innovative ideas to make money so that the director can upgrade his cars!! Communication from the school to parents is the worst to say the least. The syllabus is quite a lot compared to other schools and the teachers are worried about completing them without thinking if the children have understood or not. They give homework sheets. Once completed and sent, it hardly comes back. So we dont know what has happened to those. Even if it comes back, they would have been correctly all wrong!! They extract huge amount in the name of SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) but nothing happens in these classes. We need to buy separate uniforms for these classes!! Quality of the uniforms is not worth mentioning. In the school bus they dont take care of the children at all and most of the times they end up getting hurt. If things are lost in the school or bus, you better forget them!! Management( Director and the Principal) are never accessible to parents. They are scared to face groups of parents. If we have common issues, we are not supposed to go together and talk!! Shocking attitude!! Every year they are prompt in increasing the fee by 8-15K range but the output goes down in the same percentage!! Anyone considering this school kindly think wisely before making the decision.


Hi, I see the administration of the school going very week; with the old Principal moving out. - Parents have to struggle for small small issues from books to uniform to syllabus and assestments. School does not communicate the information on these front and lot of time is required to get all the desired things. People can be impressed by the facility but lot more should be done to make it a good school for children. regards, Suparna


I completely agree with you lakshmi. I had also been to this school for my 2 yr old kid. The minute I entered the school, I felt,you know the feeling of not belonging there. We were taken around the school. But when I tried entering the library, one of the teachers asked me not to come in and check it from outside. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to know the kind of books they would provide etc. But that didn't stop me from getting the admission form, for which I had to shell out huge money in terms of processing fees they said. What concerned me more was that even though my son was 2 months below the age limit, they agreed to give him admission for nursery. And in their admission forms I never found a requirement for the vaccination chart. I feel that is important because you know what the child has been protective against. Many Govt. schools ask for it. Important of all,when we had mailed them they had asked us to come in the first week of Oct to collect the admission form. When we went in the first week , they told us that the forms were given away last week and we were in the waiting list. When I asked them why they didn't intimidate us, they said sorry for the miscommunication. I was almost pissed off at this point. All in all admission process is hopeless


VIBGYOR High is one of the schools I'm considering for my son for pre-nursery/nursery; it is not far off from where we live. Most forums online about schools in Bangalore mention this one, so I decided to visit personally. I was pleased with the school. Here's a detailed review based on my two visits: Facilities: Honestly, it was intimidating taking a tour of the school on my first visit. BIG and sophisticated is what I thought. Now having seen a few more, I think parents feel it is a given that schools should have facilities such as splash pool, swimming pool, skating rink, basketball courts, aerobics classes and the like. I liked the school but thought it was too big for my child to start his academic career from. I mean I wanted something small and homely for him initially that would make him comfortable. But I guess it's more in my head. What does a 2 year old know what's a school and a play home is? So, coming back to the facilities, the schools boasts of all that I've just mentioned. Currently, they start from the toddler (pre-nursery) program and have classes until 7th Std. They follow the ICSE curriculum. A few parents I spoke to had the concern that since this school does not have until 10th Std. they are not considering. That's the last on my list to begin with. I'm here for pre-nursery who knows if we continue to stay in Bangalore or not and moreover, maybe a few years down the line the school might introduce more classes too, who knows? I think it's too far-sighted to base a decision for securing admission in pre-nursery by considering 10th Std. which is still years away. The nursery and pre-nursery sessions were over when I visited so there were no children around. Since the school also runs a day care center some kids move over to the day care center after completing the nursery classes. The pre-nursery section of the school on the ground floor was segregated from the classes of older children in the other wing or the upper floors. All the classes seemed colorful, bright and equipped with single chair and table - a far cry from the wooden benches we had at our schools. Admission process: The application forms for next year were distributed this August so they reached the 100% by the time I went in which was late September. They did take in the application form but refused to commit. One has to visit personally to collect and submit the application which costs Rs.650 in all. I know, pretty weird! Come to think of it, it's the cost of entertaining parents and showing them around. The personnel at the reception are friendly and answer all your queries patiently which is one thing I liked about the school. Branches: They have two more branches coming up - one off Sarjapur Road and one in Whitefield. Location: The location can be a put off as it is about 800 meters in the interior from the main road. There is no proper road leading to the school - just a muddy one. Roller coaster ride free of cost guaranteed. How to get there: If you are coming from the old airport or outer ring road or KR puram, join the old airport road and proceed towards Varthur. Cross the flyover (the one with Purva Riviera and the concrete jungle on the left). Keep going straight and you will come to the signal. Turning left will take you to ITPL. Instead continue straight, you will see Brand Zone to your left and KC Das to your right. Keep going. About 700 meters from the signal, take a U turn and come towards Shriram Samrudhi Apartments. Next to the apartment is a muddy road. Take this road; it will lead you to the school which is at about 800 meters from the main road. After my initial visits based on which this review was written, I've decided against seeking admission here because of the clumsiness with which the admission process was handled. On visiting personally, I was told that the application was accepted, that an interview will be scheduled soon and the school would call. However, no call followed and we were asked to come randomly on any day. People whose applications were rejected earlier on certain grounds were entertained as the seats did not get full. Overall to cut the long story short, a big disappointment in administration.




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