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I visited Serra Preschool today - I have recently shifted to Indiranagar from Hyderabad and am looking for a good international Preschool for my toddler. I had earlier visited Podar Kids as well as Kangaroo Kids and Neeve Preschool. Basically, my top requirements were that I need the school to offer extended Day care (I have to work odd hours) and I wanted teachers who would really look after my little one. I found Serra to be the best of all the preschools in Indiranagar. The teachers seemed really caring and knew each one of the kids very well. One can always make out the comfort level by the way the kids interact, no? And the school offers meals which are prepared in their own kitchen on the premises and served hot! I had researched the school earlier on parent tree so I went well prepared with lots n lots of questions! Well, I got to know that the school has recently been taken over as a corporate school from the earlier management (it was a franchisee previously) and they have now created lots more facilities. My only off putting point was that the road outside is congested with difficulty in parking (why do they build such narrow roads in Bangalore?!) but the good part is that they have a school van for pick up and drop. So, overall, in my view this is the place I will be sending my son to. Will keep posting on my further experience along the way. All in all, 10/10 to Serra for the first impression!


I have seen a lot of positive changes in my 2.5 year old daughter since she joined Serra about 2 months back. Earlier she was a very clingy baby but now she is very independent and likes to do things on her own. She has started eating well too. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. The school itself is very warm and welcoming and has a very open and friendly environment. We are very happy with our decision. I have recommended Serra to a few of my friends.


Dear Shona, I feel really sorry for the trouble that you had to go through however I think that your review paints a very incorrect picture of the school. My daughter studies in this very school and has been there for a considerable time for me to understand the school management. I think they are a group of compassionate and professional people who are very willing to work with you and include you in development of your child. My daughter absolutely loves the school. Unfortunately she had earlier complained about another student in her class who was very unruly and aggressive and had thrown toys and stuff in a fit of anger. This had us worried since after-all the last thing we would want is for her to get hurt in anyway. After a couple of complaints from her we had no choice but to complain to the school authorities. And as far as I know, we were not the only ones. The school assured us that they would take appropriate care. I have already recommended the school to a couple of my colleagues and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good school in that area.


I had the most horrifying experience with this school. So much so that I am sceptical about sending my child to any school now. When I admitted the child everyone around was quite sweet. There is a director, a principal and a couple of teachers. On the first day itself the director asked me not to diaper the child since they would potty train the child. On his third or fourth day to school he happened to potty in the class. The principal called me in her cabin for this. She told me it was a "mess" and she would want me to send a maid along from the next day! I told her I would not be in a position to send a maid but will send him in diapers. When they are not ready for accidents I don't understand why they should ask us not to diaper. After all this they had not even cleaned the child properly..he was all dirty when I got back home and checked. Later when I spoke about this infront of the principal and the director, the principal totally refused having said so!! I was shocked. That's not all. My son attended school for around six days in all. In these six days they felt that he was having behavioral problems n was being aggressive. I think any 2 and a half year old will take some time to settle. Their reason for calling the child aggressive was that he pulled some toys and threw them on the floor because he was unhappy!! I even checked with my paediatrician on the suggestion of the principal. When I described the entire incident and asked the paediatrician if there was a problem, he said " With the child- No, with the school-yes". I guess they asked for trouble by asking me to check with the paediatrician. Anyway i pulled my son out of this place in the second week. At no cost do I think one should send their child to this school.




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