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I chanced upon this web site just after recommending this school to a young lady with a child who I met on the road. As a parent of a child in this school I vouch for it fostering experiential learning, fun, creativity all in a warm, affectionate atmosphere. Complete with trees, mud, water, cocks, birds , cats and an assortment of 'crazy' humans, it reminds me of ' the little Gaulish village' tucked away in the midst of the vast roman empire. A wonderful place to set your foundations in, if you are willing to be participatory. 


A few reasons this school is an NO-NO - Management does not have a stake on a daily basis. When it does, all it is interested in is 'networking' and spreading the good word around! So melas and parties (with parents paying for it all the way) are common - The children keep learning the same thing over and over again. A particular topic (not a subject!) goes on for years. A play (at the expense of children's school time and energy) continues to be performed over and over again .... with 'networking' performances all over town to enhance the school's awareness. - The school has no meaningful affliations. NO OTHER GOOD SCHOOL recognises Golden Bead. Forget that your child will ever get admitted to the Bethany Highs or St Josephs or St Clarences of the world (beware, you will be told one thing when you admit your child and quite another when you leave ** do your own research with people you trust but remember no parent likes to say that he or she sent her child to a bad school ** so look at small tell tale signs to separate the truth)




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