Jnana Sweekar Public School - Bangalore

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School Tuition fees is close to 1 lakh / year from this year 2019 + other extras like books , uniform and extra curricular activities etc. The transport fees is very high like 25K/Year and higher so in total it comes to 1.5L/Year.

This all excluding Admission fees that you pay once  :)


Hi ppl, My son studied this school till 10 and got graduated.It is very sad but he find this school not a school but a jail.Students are made to torture in 9 and 10 grade. Teachers:- Well,teachers are good but are too partial,too cruel,especially with core subjects like science.The science teacher was hopeless.She is biology teacher and she teaches chemistry,physics which she doesnt know.The basics what should be provided is not there at all. Discipline:- Well,this school has a lot of discipline.Morning prayer continues till 9 by scolding students.Students for no mistake is being scolded. Student loses his confidence level in this school. If you planning your kids to join this school it will be your greatest ever!!!!!!



Extremely grateful to JSPS for imbibing skills for superior academic excellence and co-curricular activities.

Anita, I strongly recommend JNANA SWEEKAR PUBLIC SCHOOL for your daughters for class V and VIII .Your children  will definitely feel comfortable in all respects. Now a days it is difficult to get a school like JSPS as it runs with discipline and traditional values in addition to academic excellence.   




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