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Thank you parents for the reviews. Based on your good reviews I opted for Daffodil, and today I am a happy parent. I am happy about the fact that this school is not a money churning machine, but truly focuses on over all growth of my child with love and care. They honestly suggested what is good for my child without considering their loss of revenue. I highly recommend this school.


Hi Srv,I totally agree with you. Actually I was nervous when I saw TS comments but now after close observation I see a dedicated team and sincere approach that the school has for the overall development of the child. My advice to TS, as a parent we need to take the responsibility of the child and not completely put the blame on the school especially when you say that your child is hyperactive. He is in the school for 3hrs while for the rest of the time he is with you so you need to work with the school to ensure that your child is comfortable and enjoys the school. I am sure you must be surprised with my reaction but I don't think it is a fair deal to be negative about the team when they are so open and sincere in their efforts. I wish you all the best for your search of a school for I know that my child will continue there till SKG


Dear TS, After seeing your review i as a parent was observing the school, I have observed their attitude and attention towards the children is really great. They seem to be knowledgeable and experienced in handling the children of any kind.In my opinion we parents also should give care and it is a combined contribution to groom the child.


Nothing great abt this school,it is like any other kidzee centers.Teachers changed twice since my kid joined in jun.If a kid is very hyperactive,the teachers are not in position to manage them.


My son has been going to Daffodil preschool for past 3 years . It is an excellent school. They give individual attention to each child, and take care of all areas of development. The teachers and principal are also very good.




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