Parilok Montessori House For Children - Bangalore

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this is not a good school to be in frank leaving some two teachers no other are good they dont know to handle a kid specially the principal and they use very old method of teaching and they only give prominence for money they will be searching a occasion to grab money like school day they ll take extra and more money and they wont arrange it properly money is everything for them not a kid happiness my baby went for only six months she only say she wont go to that school again i wont recomond this school


My son went to this play home last year and is continuing this academic term as well. They have a fairly big place for 20+ children. The place is well-lit with bright colors and pictures and play things. Last year, they had a fancy dress party,christmas party, Visit to the vegetable market and pet day among other things. Will also be sending my daughter here in a couple of months. They maintain individual files for each child 's activities which is sent home for parents to review. The file is returned to parents at the end of the academic year. I find the school administration very friendly and professional.




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