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Kephee is a new age preschool with the right set of curriculum, amenities ,location and not to mention the management and staff. We have had a great experience with our kid whom we admitted when she was just 1 year and 8 months old. She finished her preschool this May and yet she wants to go back to the place every now and then. The activities planned throughout  the year have helped her learn basic stuff well. She has become more social with the kids and can handle simple tasks by herself.
Special mention has to go the management who are constantly updating the parents with just enough inputs to know how well the kid is developing. The place is never overcrowded.
To sum up we are fully satisfied with the school and would recommend for anyone in and around the Whitefiled area.



Our experience with Kephee so far has been fantastic. Our child has learnt and developed significantly after joining this institution. The staff is very professional yet very personal and lovable to the child. Their Multiple Intelligence curriculum is very structured and they ensure that every child is given time to learn and understand. Their outdoor activities, including the monthly field trip, is something that kids love a lot. They also celebrate all the festivals in a traditional way and in a manner that the child understands. The photographs of all the activities are shared with parents very promptly. The staff also proactively communicates with the parents on the curriculum, progress and other activities through various medium. This school is highly recommended for parents who are looking for a safe and personal atmosphere for their kids where they learn and also have fun.


I like Kephee for their unusual approach to teaching. They expose the children to different experiences and identify the skills your child shows interest in. They are located in a very safe residential area, where there is no heavy vehicle traffic, so dropping and picking up your kid is very convenient and secure. The place is spacious and there is a lot of breathing room for kids to dance and jump around. They have a lot of toys too, so your kid will get a lot of mental stimulation. The teachers are kind, understanding, helpful and experienced in handling kids. I am very satisfied with my kid going to Kephee. It is the best place in AECS layout to send your kid too. My kid wants to go to school even on saturday/sundays.


My daughter has joined Kephee preschool and enjoying. Kephee follows multiple intelligence method which looks very promising compared to Montessori method for the kids who are active and creative. (Montessori method, in my opinion, is taught by equipments, leaving no scope for child's creativity and imagination). Staff here is very caring and they give individual attention to each child's learning needs. my daughter is very active and enjoys this school as they have spacious campus and she is not restricted to single class room. As parents, we were looking for this kind of school environment instead of forcing her through regular schools which will become strenuous for her tender age.


It has been a very enjoyable experience for my son at Kephee. On the joining day, Ms Prathima explained to me about the different types of personalities that exist and how they are supposed to be handled. Being a IIT graduate and an experienced scientist at DRDO, I trusted her ability to handle the children well. Within a day of joining the camp, my son was looking forward to getting back the next day. I was extremely satisfied with the experience and appreciate the below features in the school: 1. The school space, which is ample for the children to run and expend their energies, was very appealing. There was the comfort of hopping onto the two /four wheeler ride-ons inside the premises which the children loved. 2. The sand pit and related activities was useful in developing fine motor skills which has also been prescribed by the Montessori teaching methods. 3. The puppet shows and related role play was an excellent technique to educate children of social etiquettes and moral behaviour. 4. The play area was an exciting feature for the little ones as well. 5. The craft sessions are commendable effort to expose the young ones to traditional crafts of India.




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