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hi, Information about Wecare daycare bangalore. The comments is purely based on my experience as my son was going to Wecare previously and moved to other daycare because of below reason: First of all they won’t take proper care for the kids. Many time my son got injuries near eyes, hands and top of that when you ask them they will argue that we take best care and baby is very proactive so some time it will happen like that, secondly highly expensive (Trust me not worthy as they take care of kids) on top of that every year they increase by one thousand rs, Thirdly luxury of holidays. They have almost 2 months of holiday list excluding saturday and sunday. Please think before you send the baby to any daycare.


As per my experience I just found we care is not a good school for our little one.As a mother I always expect my kid should not feel that she is away from home after going to school.That is only possible if teacher is very close to a kid.That is only possible if the teacher spends everyday some time with the kid.This is not at all possible in WE CARE ,because here teachers leave the job within a month or 2 months.So our small kids always has to see new faces all the time. My kid too learned talk in English and Hindi after he joined to pre school within 6 months of time.For me important is that my kid should feel that she is with the safe hand. I just felt in We CARE lots of politics going on within their management and teachers.They just fired high educated teachers and the reason is politics...I heard this from two of the teachers who left jobs in we care....So bye bye WE CARE....




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