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hi all,

I am looking for admission for my daughter and son. I searched all schools in hsr and found gnan srishti to be good. principal is very nice. school campus and classrooms are very good. the extra activities they promised like swimming, music, dance, skating  are good.  every kid has to attend all the activities in a week.

but I found their fee is on par with any established school (35K adm +60K tuition). how established is this school because I found very less students going to this school and did not hear any review from any neighbor on this school. every one says I don't know. the school is located in the centre of HSR with a very good campus and how cum no one knows? I am confused whether to join or not because with 2 kids it will cost me 2lakhs first year and adm fee is not refunded at the time of TC (like Zee school refunds).

this bulletin board is the only help I have .so parents who are sending kids to GSSE pls suggest me how is the standard of the school? Is the management money minded? Are they maintaining the teachers quality? Especially how is the teaching for higher classes because this is  a ICSE school and syllabus will be tough after 5th standard. If the teaching is good and child given special attention and there is a progress on the child after joining the school then I can afford to pay 2lakhs. But before admitting my kids I want to make double sure that quality of the school is good.

your reply will help me most.

thank u


I am also very happy.My daughter is going to 3rd std. The principle madam is very good.


My dear friend , I am a happy parent since 3 years. We met madam in the school yesterday and heard the complete situation, the management too has lot of things to do for the children in the next year .They might not be able to do everything . When they explained everything we were ok for the kind of hike to support. Since a few of our friends are not willing to pay, the management has decided to cut down on the fee, but now we cannot expect more for our children from the management as we are not supportive to them. We should have collectively told that we will pay more and we should have demanded what we want.After all we live to do good for our children.


My son also studies in this school. I am happy with the quality of education and extra curricular activities offered in the school but it was a shocker to see the revised fee structure. The total fee which was 34200 (15000 + (4800*4)) has been increased to 64500 (31500 + (11000*3)), which is close to 100% increment from previous year. I am not sure how many parents are going to accept such a steep hike in the fee. I went to meet the management today and they were trying to throw some figures and explained they are running in huge losses for last two years (no one can believe that though). They have lost the credibility with this action and I am seriously thinking to change the school this year. They didn't even give enough notice on this. I am really very very disappointed with what they have done this year. This is nothing but greed.


My Daughter is going to this school, avg scoool. Don't Have very good teachers. Fees is also very high. For Pre Kg Fees is 60K + Bus(10K)+Donation ...This year they increased the fees by more than 40% if they increase the fees every year by 40% We will not have money to eat after couple of years. Its Individual owned school so just running to earn good profit.


I have visited this school, it is an upcoming school with enough standards as of now, fee structure also okay comparing to others. We can not compare it with established schools, those pricipals are hi-fi, not contactable easily, but this prinicipal Mrs.Susheela Stphen is very experienced and simple talkable with parents. The strength is 1:25 is good for individual attentions. I have no idea about management future planning of growth of this institution, how they will takeup it like ICSE/ state government approalsc etc. I think if the management concentrates on maintaining the standards of education with fully qualified teachers and infrastructure, it will be a mile stone in future like JSS group.


Hi everyone I like the school as its not overcrowed like other schools and individual attention is given to the son is in 4th standard..and I m very much statisfied that he is progressing well. Apart from studies -art nd craft ,swimming ,he is enjoying the most. Gaurav




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