Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir SSRVM Vidyaranyapura - Bangalore

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SSRVM Bangalore East, teaching very Bad, teachers will be leaving the school frequently, there are no regular parent teacher meetings , kids are left to themselves, they are not guided on various competitive exams, hardly principle sits in school , many of the parents are frustrated, every time when parents visits they are interested in marketing yoga by issuing pamphlets and giving class on yogas instead of guiding, inspiring kids, very bad school, management is not concerned about the quality and discipline in school, they are just left the kids to themselves and making money.


A victim in the making after 3 years of horrendous experience with the school. The school started off well and first year honeymoon has been great. Second year had given us some shocks. I will not complain about teaching and standards, for I believe learning at school should be complemented by parents helping kids at home. I have been doing so and its been giving good results for my child (so far). But the school definitely defies everything it preaches in the KYC or AOL. Lately it's the tendency of extracting money from parents in every possible form (money for annual day celebration to field trips to ayurvedic treatment to school kids) that is paining us so much. Its not Art of Living they are following but I would name the cult they are teaching as the 'Art of Grabbing.' A TOTAL SHAME to revered AOL founder and teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Adding to the woes the school has taken off the transport to kids due to an issue with the transport provider.....Now in what standards you can say they are providing stress-free education. Finally, my verdict: If you have any plans of joining your child here- JUST AVOID- there are (I mean it) definitely better schools than the 'Art of Extracting' school in Vidyaranyapura. Regards, A parent victim of the school




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