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Hello All,
My son got admission into Rashtrothana school for Nursery.There was a marked difference in his self confidence only after few weeks of attending school. The teachers are very friendly and approachable. They make the kids feel very comfortable in the first week only. They are very particular in imparting Indian values, within a month of attending school, my son was reciting slokas.
The only drawback that i found was their English which was not upto the mark compared to other schools.
Since we had to suddenly move out of India , we had to pull my son out of school after 2 months and it was surprise to us that the school refunded almost 80% of the fees back to us without we following up on them.
Overall it has been a really good experience with the school.



We bought a house in Hegdenagar, very close to RVKB, Thanisandra three years back.
Our first school choice for our daughter was RVKB as it was at a walkable distance and ONLY good school in and around our home.
But when I read reviews about the school, there were so many mixed comments that I was very confused.
I remember having sleepless nights.
Talking to the headmistress also did not comfort us as she was very distracted. [A nursery child was ill and his parents were not picking the phone.]
But we had to take call on the same day. So, we spoke to some of the parents and they reassured us that it was a good school. So we decided to admit her.

I think that was one of the best decisions.
First 6 months, my daughter spoke only Kannada and I was worried like all parents here. But then slowly she picked up English and now she speaks the language very well. I sometimes overhear her speaking with other kids and I'm surprised that her English is in par with others who go to so called international schools.

Also, I hear her educating others about the importance of plants, how cleanliness is important and many things which she has picked up at school. I'm very proud.

Another thing that I like about the school is "no pomp and show". Kids are taught to be helpful, share, and be disciplined. Swimming lessons, music lessons are all taught here as a part of curriculum.
Discipline is given utmost importance. When they say that sports day starts at 9:00; it starts at 9:00 sharp whether there is audience or not.
If nails are not cut, we are immediately informed. Tiffins are empty and her class teacher knows what food each student ate. If junk is given often, we are subtly advised on alternate healthy ones which are quick to make. 
WHICH school cares so much for the kids?

Another point that we were worried about was "This being a HINDU school". This was one point that my husband was worried out. We thought that there will not be cross culture. Kids will be taught to disrespect other religions. I was expecting to see only Hindu kids around. But I was very surprised to see that there are children of all religions in my daughter's class. No one seem to be bothered about it, which made me think that it is not a big deal. We studied in convent schools and even though we had some influences of religion, we were taught that there is one god. I see that the same is true in this school too.

Rhymes that are taught, stories that are told are very very indian. Meaning: Mary becomes Meera in the poems. I think this too is good. Being Indian is something to be proud of. From what I see, this is helping kids self confidence.

School diary: This has all the information that you need. Everything is planned at the start of the academic year and they stick to the plan. So, there is no surprises like in other schools.

Fancy dress competition, Singing, Drawing, shloka chanting, and many more competitions are held on regular basis. I see all kids have no stage fear. I remember telling my daughter on her first fancy dress day that it is no big deal if she gets scared while standing on stage. She seemed confused and said who gets scared like that.
I have a huge stage fear and again I'm a proud mom of a daughter who has no stage fear as the school encourages children to come on stage atleast twice every month.

However, there is one flaw. They do not take actions on suggestions immediately. 
The safety cameras which they said would be in place in Oct is yet to be installed.
Still I feel safe in sending her to school as kids are very closely monitored. You will know this in the very first PTA.

I hope this review of the school is helpful to all who are seeking admissions.
This is for those parents who were standing in the queue for admissions and for asking other parents the same questions that I was asking 2 years back.


Beware of Rashttrothana Vidya Kendra, Bangalore. My daughter studied there from mont till 1st standard. I pulled her out in 1st standard as I was totally unhappy by their low quality teachers and teaching. no stress on neatness and handwriting.
Kavitha(PRO), Pushapalatha all work in team and they refused me application for my younger daughter when  I  approached  them for Mont as it is good because of one teacher there.

I have pleaded them many times on raising their standard but no. Itwas because of me they came to know what Olympiad is which now any school is offering. Kavitha spoke so rudely to me and  reused to give me application for montessori even though they had openings. 

I got an apartment only b'cause my child should go to a nearby school....but does that means we compromise on their education. Fees is also noway less. All parents get carried away by their beautiful campus, but end of the day its not enough chanting slokas they should be good in debates,quiz and so many things.

Please I would like to raise this issue here because they have denied the right for my younger daughter. Just by having a beautiful campus education does not come. It comes through quality teachers.


Hi my son studying 1st std in rvks teaching is good but his spoken english is not good, we return fron US last yr with ih couple of mths he started to speak local english , AND they have 3 second lang hindi , kannada , sanskrit its very difficult fr kids to learn 3 lang other than RVKS Have extra activities for kids.


My son is in Nursery, he is 3 year 8 months as of today. i have "0" issues with school. he has picked up good amount of conversation skill. i like his Team Vijyashree she is very cool and handles kids nicely. Overall i like the school, the teachers and the infrastructure. i don't hesitate to say this is one of the best schools in Bangalore North. I encourage parents to take all reviews with pinch of salt and personally visit the school and decide


My daghter studies in LKG. He was well behaved but these days has become a bully & also the teachers allow them to play in ground(but no one monitors about there fall & injury during the play). Commnication is only in local langage(not even basic words of english are used while talking). The bus driver are ok but the other person accompanying him is very bad(no soft skills in handling kids nor has basic manners of speaking to parents).So feel bad about all these things, althogh this school cliams that they install values in kids.


my son joined nursery in jgrvk, ramamurthy nagar branch.The way of teaching they have incorporated is good only thing is teachers are not taking responsibility towards children.


one of the worst management i have came accross




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