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My daughter is studying in GNS from Nursery .She absolutely love the school and all staff. Her all teachers are very professional, encouraging and have tremendous patience. I am very much satisficed and content regarding the academic and cocurricular activities that organized by the school.  I can she the positive improvement in my daughter academically and socially. 
Keep growing ..keep glowing !!  Thank You GNS. 


My daughter is studying with Gopalan National School and  my child is very happy, the teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children's academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play.  
GNS has helped my child in everything she does, her confidence has improved so much . I am very happy with the school.' 


My daughter studying in this school and I feel this is the school where my child can develop her skill @ 360.
Not only academic , the child can develop  non academic and explore the hidden talent.
Teachers are friendly in nature and caring for children's. 


My kids got in at last. Good upmarket safe school. Cheerful ambience with good functional infrastructure. Kids interacted with enjoy the school. Would recommend.


My daughter's LKG experience was hassle free for me. Only thing was the way they ask parents to shop for stationaries. Esp apron which the teacher admitted to have not used it on the kid when I came to know that a different apron was used in class. They have their reasons and experience from the past. But why make parents buy things which are not even used once in class. But the teacher was good and hence I ignored the management faults.



This year it


Brookefield school is not good. Please don't select this school at any cost. Not happy with their behaviour.


Good Atmosphere, Great place for my children studies
Thanks to the Staff &  management


School is good and more focused on academics.


a genuine schooling experience for my children...they have grown up well in the environment....would like a little more discipline in the day to day functioning though... children here are nurtured well right from play group and become a little pampered!! The headmistress has a heart of gold and the Principal a right mixture of authority and affection and  has great sincerity and dedication towards the education system.


Heard a lot good about this school and took my son my Sr. KG admission. Initial impression was good and the staff at the reception were responsive enough. After an admission test we met the coordinator. Coordinator wasn't even courteous enough to wish the parents. Only here I have seen a person who couldn’t even smile to a 4 year old child who wished her. She arrogantly told us that inspite of scoring around 23 out of 25 in the test, my son didn't do well in the test.. and kept on complaining that he couldn't write the spelling of several words, and other senseless things. Throughout our discussion she was complaining about my son that he doesn’t know anything and useless. Yes he might have to learn which is why we look to bigger reputed school, but the very attitude of the coordinator shows that she doesn’t have understanding and talent to handle kids. Kids of 4 year old are generally shy and wouldn’t even open up their mouth when they go to a new place, forget reading questions and answering them. What she needs to discuss and find out is how good he understands, his reception and how fast he captures things, If the kids have these, good schools have the capability to build upon that and work with the kids to make them better. Instead he was being lectured strongly. . Coordinator is the face of any institute specially for parents who come to schools for joining their children, and if a coordinator is arrogant and behaves like this ,I really doubt how the other members of the school will be and how the kids would be handled. Though my son got admission, I am really scared and don’t think I would like to join him. Gopalan National school is a reputed school in Bangalore and having such people would only give negative impression of this school. I would suggest the same to others, there are many other schools in the area and please avoid this one.


Visited school to inquire about fees structure, to look the infrastructure, classrooms. But the lady in the office never mind me. Keep on chating with other people and gave least attention to me and my enquiries. She not only allowed to view the existing classrooms saying new building is going to be ready in one month. The complete school looks like warzone. Construction material everywhere. Added fees structure at the following link


GNS was very good school till the last principal was in the school. the newer one has put lot of pressure on kids and teachers, resulting lose of interest from the school among the kids. treatment to parents need to be improved on a high priority as top people don't talk to parents with dignity and respect. parents are paying more than 60-70k fees every year and 'coz of them only you are in the job, one must remember this. I won't recommend this school unless you have any emotional attachment towards the school. last 2 years, the entire atmosphere in the school has changed. can some1 go to Mr Gopalan and tell this ?




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