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Rude management who does not have any consideration for parents and children. Academics and co-curricular is not great either. Would not recommend this school to anybody


My daughter absolutely loves this school. The staff seem to genuinely care about the kids. Tons of after activities for the kids. Kids are always engaging for doing some productive works .I feel our children are safe at school, Great school, Great education, Caring teachers and staff. It rewards for reading, opportunities to learn using technology, creative learning and creative teaching ideas from a lot of teachers. Values plus classes with the morals of Baghavad Gita is a great help in grooming his personality


Review for New Horizon Gurukul

We went for our kids admission in UKG 2017-18, and before than this we had already seen Harvest International, Vibgyor Marathalli and Global Indian International.
The first set back was that without paying the registration fees(Rs 500) the staff will not reveal any details it's only after that they will let you know the curriculum/Teaching methodology/Campus Details/Fees structure. So at least to open the pandora we gave the token amount, after that they took my child for assessment alone without parents and well that was over within 10 mins.
Then we got a school tour, the campus is big for (LKG and UKG) but each class has 40 kids with two teachers and the seating arrangement is the regular seating one after another rows and no creativity there, as one can see nowadays in other schools with same fees. I felt the play area for 40 kids was also not enough it might get very crowded with all 40 kids playing at one time.
Now, when we sat with the admission counselor we came to know about a one time fees of 2 lakhs which was really exorbitant for this school.


Academic: Average

My son is going to this school for last 3 years. No major complains but nothing very nice to speak about either. Teachers are decent - do not expect special attention though; like most other school, if your kid is extrovert (s)he would get attention and quiet kids may get ignored. Though I believe this is a common issue with most of the school and our society in general

Infrastructure: Good

School has most of the facilities you would expect from a decent school. Sports ground is pretty large

Transport: Very poor

I have seen reviews about poor transport facility and co-ordination 3 years back. This continues - transport appears to run like an independent bureaucratic department that hardly cares about students need. Example of issues:

1.        Even after paying transport fee 1 week before the transport schedule is published students name is not included. There is no sign of publishing new schedule though school started 1 week back.

2.       For students living 8 km from school, school charges transport fee in 10-15 km bracket. None would listen to your opinion

3.       They would drop student on the opposite side of outer ring road/old madras road. Hardly cares about challenges of crossing road with 5 year kids. All other school I know plans their pickup and drop in a way to avoid kids to cross busy roads like this.

Overall: If you are going to arrange your own transport, you can consider this school


I wanted to share my horrendous and traumatic experience with the principal, P S Khot, of New Horizon Gurukul school in Bangalore.
My son is in the first grade and goes for after-school football classes. He gets picked up at 3:30 to NHVM daycare (it is in another campus) and at 4:30 on football days. Last Monday (4th Aug 2014), the football class was not conducted but daycare or parents were not informed. My son went to the ground, started crying and ran back to the reception area where he luckily found the daycare kids (who were just leaving) and went with them. I called the school around 2:45pm on Tuesday and spoke to a lady called Netravathi. She wasn't sure if classes would be conducted that day either. To my shock, she told me that 'what's the big deal if he doesn't get picked at 3:30? He can wait on the grounds and be picked up at 4:30! Imagine a child who is not even 6 years old being clueless on what needs to be done. This is a potential security issue, especially after the recent Vibgyor case in Bangalore.
Last afternoon I had the 'good luck' to speak to the principal. I told him what happened (he wasn


After careful analysis of the reviews of various schools I admitted my son in New Horizon Gurukul last year in class 1. With lot of satisfaction and pride I would like to ink that I made the right choice.

For the benefit of prospective parents, I take liberty of putting down the following.

Interested parents might have seen the excellent infrastructure with huge class rooms and well maintained play ground. The academic work of the school is praise worthy. The other activities of the school are well organized. My son loves to go to school. I appreciate the communication between the teachers and parents.   


In one sentence the New Horizon group's latest cash cow .. and Bangalore seems to have no shortage of gullible parents in the IT industry who will fall for it!! More hype than substance !!


New horizon gurukul is very greedy and they taken 100000 from me for my child admission,because of the school name I paid .but now I am feeling very bad because of chairman attitude .i went annual day function for last week and chairman was shouted very roundly to 10 yrs boy regarding he Romed for programme time, chairman shouted roundly in front of all the parents and I shocked if he is behaving in front of us like this,how he will beehive behind us and all so if he is not knowing how to handle the child why he is doing this business? He can earn some other way,first he have learn how to handle the kids,really I don't want to continue y child here and I am searching some other school also.Mr.chairman please try to learn a manners how to behave to the child and we don't want out child to get such a wrong roll model like you


My experience during admission for my son for LKG was bad actually... The screening process was done, called for discussion & went off fine, when it came to paying the fees, the NHG management asked for Rs 90000 cash payment apart from the actual fees & declined to issue any receipt, when asked why this additional fees in cash, they said mgmt quota. I also happened to chk another parent, they were asked to pay Rs 75000 in cash because their son was born in the US, how can such money minded schools be allowed to operate, not fair at all to extort fees like this...


Academics is not given the necessary importance in this school, which is a serious issue.2011-12 was my first year as parent here and this is my primary concern .I have put a review on my blog for anyone who may be interested.


Am placing my 2 kids in the academic year 2012. Hoping for the best. There is not even a single positive feedback about the school (so was the case when we did our research during Nov 2011 types). However, this school was relatively better and transparent (compared with ORR + HSR nearby schools - where they take only cash, these people said DD or Cash), so I was inclined towards it. Also, the ambience is good and the children seems to be happy when we visited the school. Not that other school children were sad or something. Also, it is nearby our house, so picked up due to its reputation and having a vast options of education institutes. My cousin's daughter was also going for the play school and she was happy about the culture.


Pathetic school - New Horizon Gurukul. Every parent wants his child in the best of the schools but the question is how do you know the schools you choose because of its infrastructure, building and fasat will also give quality education. As a parent I was lured by a school which promised everything in lieu of the exorbitent fees they were charging and now after paying thru my nose i realised that my child is deprived of even basic standard of education. There is no focus on quality of education and of teachers. Here the whole focus is on building an image of the school and to do this the small children are subjected to a lot of stress and physical strain. The school is going to celebrate its annual day and for the past 3 months there has been no studies in the school. They are fully into practising for the Annual Day. But at what cost? They are using children to build up their schools image and in the process the precious time of the children is wasted. As a parent I am deeply disappointed, worried and feel cheated. when we tried talking to the Head Mistress she shows lack of daisical approach and it seems she has her own agenda. So far we have never got a satisfactory reply from her. We feel trapped in this school. After paying a huge amount also children are not learning anything. why cant we have Quality Control for our Educational Institutions also? If the Management reads this I would request them to take appropriate steps to impart Quality Education to children.


my son is pretty happy as there is a good mix of curricular and co-curricular activities. i have been happy as i had changed the board from ICSE to CBSE. trouble started with the onset of the finals. 20 chaps, 10 chapters for 8-12 yr olds. pls. school mgmt, if u r reading. pls review. exams is ok, but reduce the portion.


Hi, I have admitted our son into New Horizon Gurukul. He will be going to Grade 8 from next academic year. Yes, the fees taken is quite high and one needs to see how much of value system is incorporated through the Bhagavad Gita. But I found everyone at the school from the reception, student counsellor to the transport in charge very receptive. The school is a new one, but a part of the New Horizon Management which has been in Bangalore for a long time. So I feel its just a matter of time that the school will come out of its glitches and become one of the most sought out school in that area.


Not good enough for the hefty fee they are charging


I had a similar experience as parentto2. New Horizon has a very greedy management. They have demanded 1 lac as Development fees 2 (in addition to development fees + admission fees) when we tried there for mid term admission. Personal advice - go for a school that has transparent fees structure. If its a question of ethics, I would again stay away from such groups/individuals with a proven track record in minting money/looting parents.


I had approached this school for my daughters and had a terrible experience. However in case you still wish to approach the school, try asking them to give you the fee structure. Their response will be that once your child passes the test the admission officer will give you the fee structure. This is unlike any school I have approached in the past. This also means that you have to take the admission form for Rs 350 before you can decide whether you want to take the admission based on its fee structure. The second part which did not go well with me was that my child was asked to go through an hour of test for first standard admission. That is like giving a job interview at a senior level. The child was visibly exhausted on coming back from the test. However my child did clear the test with good marks as per the teachers. I was then asked to go and meet the admission manager. The third reason for disappointment was the attitude of the admission manager. She behaved as if she really didnot need the child in her school. Guess they have enough and more people wanting to be in their school. The fourth reason was both surprising and shocking. I asked about the fee structure. The lady tore out a paper from a note pad and asked me to write it down while she dictated it to me. SURPRISING!. Most reputed schools ( and this one claims to be a reputed one ) has a printed fee structure. However I did oblige. Following was the fee structure told to me. Admission Fee: 20k (One time) Development Fee: 20k (One tme) Tution Fee :47880 – Annual Transport, Uniform and Books, extra Development Fee 2 : 50K I was curious to know what development fee 2 is. However the lady was unable to answer satisfactorily. I proceeded to ask as to in whose favour the DD needs to be made. I was told that the payment has to be made in parts. Everything to be made under DD except for Development fee to be made in cash. ( slightly surprising ). I asked the second obvious question, “ do I get a receipt for the payment made in cash”. The answer was an emphatic NO. ( SHOCKING ).. I need not express what it meant. It became obvious as to what kind of culture the school believes in. This is not to say that the school doesn’t have great education, because I have not placed my child in this school. All I need to say is take a calculated decision.


So far the school is fine, I didnt hear anything bad from my daughter. She is happy going to school. Yes many are having Transportation issues, tough wood we dont have any. Its a new school, lets give them some time to settle.


I am very happy with the school.My kid is happy too.The transportation may be will take time to settle as it is a new school.Though I have no transport issues, we have got a very good route and happy with the bus timings.


They have had a very bad management at the CBSE school especially the transport. Its a total failure. The management is not providing enough buses and also safety and other important aspects have been compromised leading to a very bad overall setup. Principal has no say and the school is being run by a single man the chairman Mr. Maghnani as per his whims.... We are now repenting our decision of taking admission here.....


No good feedback from groups, lot of issues with Transport!!!!




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