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Dear Parents, Can you pls share your feedback about Mitra academy's present status? I'm planning for class 8 admission for my son for AY-2023-24. Though it's a very old thread hoping for some response


Very Good School


This is wonderful school with well trained teachers.


Last year I had admitted my son in this School, I am really happy as a parent with the interaction with the teachers and the Coordinator they are very friendly and approachable, and more importantly my son is really happy studying here. The school has a good balance of academics and co-curricular activities through the year. Also I am admitting my second child here as the fee structure is very affordable compare to others. The school has been economical with regard the fees. The only thing is that the school has a relatively small playground at the back, for me it is not a priority, otherwise everything else is great! 


my child is from 3 yrs in this school...i should tell u there is a lot of partiality shown by teachers..i think it goes by state basis...teachers encourage the students from their same state..or of their interest ..this is true and many of my friends hav withdrawn thier children for this purpose.Worst thing is they r not ready to take any feedback which is against them..they start defending ..counselor,teachers,principal everyone get angry if we talk against them.
no info is properly updated on net..they do everything v late and if you ask the reply is WE R V BUSY.
SO GREEDY TO HIKE FEE EVERY YEAR.but they donot even giv a chocolate on annual day.but ask you to bring and buy for every acitivity..inspite of the activity fee we pay..and teachers of higher standars are substandard..think 10 times before you admit your kid.


Mitra Academy is one of the best schools in Bangalore. They cater to curricular and co curricular activities in a balanced way. My children studied in this school for 5 yrs. I am very happy with the teaching. Teachers, Heads of the Institution are very approachable. Teachers give individual attention. The management is very friendly and approachable. Feedback of parents are taken regularly and also acted upon promptly. I strongly recommend this school for all those parents who are wanting their child to be in a safe and the best environment. 


Our child has been with Mitra Academy for 3 yrs now and we feel they have too many extra cirrucular activities apart from serious studies... Because of all these extras teachers there end up completing the portions in a rush irrespective of kids understanding wht has been taught this way the dull becomes duller and the brighter ones become dull... We also feel there is no proper communication with the parents after any preliminary competitions held... Teachers are rude when we ask abt the results in the preliminary competitions .... 
Overall we would rate this school 3.5/10
so pls have second thoughts before putting ur kid in this school

frustrated parents


Awesome school. Dedicated to the cause of good and all-round development of children.


Hi, Do you know how this school is both in terms of studies and extra curricular? I want to admit my child to this school.


Hi, Mitra academy is one of the good school in bannerghatta road. Student teacher ratio is 25:1 and they pay personal attention to every students. My kid is studying in this school and have no complaints.




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