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Hi all, 
Our son Adhwaiy is studying in Jain International Residential School and he's so happy being there. He doesn't even miss his ma and pa. We were a bit confused about taking admission for him in JIRS, but the principal and the management were so friendly, they cleared all our concerns and queries. The school has outstanding amenities and infrastructure. The sports facilities are just mind-blowing. I should say that Jain International Residential School is the best boarding school in India. We're so happy that our son is getting high-quality education and also that he's enjoying his boarding school life to bits. I would suggest Jain International Residential School to everyone.


Hi Friend, 

My personal experience, Jain heritage is very good school, they give importance to each student . There is 2 teacher and one attender in each class. Students is give important for studying , sport and other activity also. So the timing is long . Further student will be through in modern methods. Do not think we are paying high fee alone. You need to see what your student is learning for paying that fee. 


I totally second aParent's review. My son who is a very well behaved child, also had to face dusters hurled at him and slapping. At the time of admission, we were assured by the principal that no corporal punishment was ever used in the school. The school hours are too long and the standard of academics(especially in English) is not great. I would definitely not recommend this school: not at all worth the high fees.


I joined my son with great expectation seeing their campus, but it turns out to be a stinker of a school. Corporal punishments are practised. The first time my son saw another student being whacked in the class, got terrified. It didn't take long for him to experience a slap himself. Dusters are hurled at talking students, students are called names by the teachers. The very first time my son was slapped on the cheek, i reported it to the principal and she promised action. Again a week later he was hit by another teacher and this time the Principal took the side of the teacher and denied the incident. Probably she was worried about her job. She twisted the incident and made me feel that my son was lying. Any parent reading this please don't take your child there. The teachers believe in corporal punishments, it is not just one or 2 teachers, but it is widespread across the school.


Upcoming school with lot of promises. However, very High school Fees. They are also not convinced why the fee is so high. my rating is low only for the fee part.


A very good school, spacious classrooms, wonderful teachers, pleasant environment,academical good n also alot of extra curricular activities ...




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