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Innisfree charges very high admission fee and term fees. Over 2 years the term fee is almost doubled. The facilities are not in par with the fee/admission fee that they charge. For instance they have only 2 small toiltes for the entire school,there is no safe fencing around the school. Also the non teaching/teaching staff is very RUDE. Parents are not allowed to talk to management(Bolar,principal) if they have any concerns. This school has very similar ICSE X class results like any other schools around this area and don't see any extraordinary results compared to the fees that they collect.We discontinued our kid from this school and joined her in an other school on Bannerghatta raod and we are very happy with this new school.Compared to Innisfree it is better in many ways.


Innisfree school filters children from a young age and makes them feel unworthy of life - i know one child who was asked to leave in the first std! Imagine the plight of the child and the parents. This child has not yet come to terms with herself. Only the naturally academic oriented kids are encouraged in all aspects and the school takes their credit! My child is highly creative, bubbly and above avg is studies. She was turning into an introvert and started having aversion for education and teachers. We removed her at the right time and are very happy with this move.


we had very bad experience with this school......still my daughter feel nightmare.not recommended.....teachers and staff are wost ........


the school is excellent . there are only 25 students in a class.




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