Arunodoy Montessori House of Children - Bangalore

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Arunodoy Montessori is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to our son. And to each child who enters its portals. Without making a big noise about it, each child is given individual attention- the kind of attention that fosters independence and love for learning. The biggest advantage of studying in a school like Arunodoy is that a disciplined foundation for life is laid. The children here may not learn rhymes or alphabets or numbers as quickly as in other schools. But they learn the principles behind each subject thoroughly. It sets them way ahead of their time. In a certain test that a neurologist conducted on my 4 and a half year old son, she pronounced that his abilities matched that of a 5 and a half year old's. I knew that it was Arunodoy that made that difference possible. This school is a quiet yet strong celebration of childhood. The principal of this school, Mrs. Sumitha Mookerjee stands for the Montessori philoshophy to its very last thread.




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