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Good school in whitefeld area in terms of teaching standards and facilities.really lovable for children also.


Child Enjoys to go school.other Parents are also Feels Same Like Affliated to Both CBSE,ICSE.They have Standard teaching system with Co-cirrucular Activities.I Can Suggest as Best School in Whitefeild Area.


Communication lacks for this school. What they teach in school is big secrecy. I don't understand y parents should not know what they r teaching. Transportation worst don't opt it.  No extra curricular activities . No competitions at all. Annual day one of the boring annual day . We have to suffer  to stay till last moment . Because they don't send our kids till end of the programs. 


Hi, Brigade school Mahadevapura(WhiteFeild) is a good school. .... The infrastructure and facilities are of a high order, making student life a truly memorable far my experience is been good with the school. I joined my son is in LKG in 2012, ..He loves going to his school everyday. Concepts are taught using audio-visual aids as well as story telling and enacting, to make it more exciting. Application forms u get from  office....apply N then they call u for an interview/Assesment & Give the confirmation on same day subsequently Reservation process


my kid Abilash studying in 2nd Std in whiteFeild.Really He likes to go School because along with Teaching they have Activities like Yoga,Music Dance,Arts&Crafts,Swimming,Football,Basketball,Lab&Library.Along with Teaching Daily they have 2 periods of activities where children can feel some Relaxation & fun. Thanks To BRIGADE for providing 4-Acres of campus with Huge Infrastructure & wide Range of Facilites for kids


My kid is in Brigade White field. Recently they had school annual day and kids are given good practice and performed a grt show. My kid loves to go to school and the  teacher can handle all types of kids very patiently which is one good thing here. i personally think there is a grt scope to this school. The way of teaching is really different. My kid is in nursery and i must say i learn a lot of new things from her. i can find a big difference after she joined school.  they have taught them all continents in a very joyful manner and studies is not a burden here. they enjoy wat they do.

Admin can still improve with mail communications to parents which is the only complaint which many parents have. but i think its now getting better.
this school has a bright future.


Hello to all the parents of the blog. I would like to add that i myself i am facing some issues with the school administration, but i am determined that with constant discussion i am able to find a way out. I know about the issue which happened with the school timings of the Ukg & Lkg class. And i also disagree with that sort of behavior of the principal. So where are the admin of the brigade foundation should have looked into the matter. As already the school is having so less number of kids and instead of trying to recruite more children they are loosing them. I sincerely feel that the Brigade School of Mahadevpura has lots of prospect of growth given that the Brigade foundation show some interest in teaching organisation to them. Let me see till how long i can give myself before i make my mind for a change in school. Rgds, Parent of student in Ukg


Pathethic management is all what describes the Brigade Mahadevapura school! I am one of the parents who has pulled out the kid from school due to sudden timing change.

Even after outright rejection by parents for the timings change, the management has gone ahead with it. They have rejected the demand of the parents to refund the high admission fees that they charged and are now treating parents like dogs if they want to meet principal to talk about it.

Now i am all left to again search a new school for my kid and again pay the huge admission fees at another place.


This is the wordt school in bagalore who operates with a single purpose of Making Money!! Very bad management with no respect to parents .


Oh this is bad...why are they doing this..they provide transport for this timr


My kids are studying in Brigade Mahadevapura school. They changed the school timings for Nursery, LKG and UKG from 11.30 to 3.30. When they called for a meeting and discussed this, none of the parents agreed to the timing since most of the parents were working. Even after the opposition of 80 parents, they changed the timing without any further communication. And came the best part. They are going to open a Day care and those working parents can admit the kids at their Day care center paying extra money. What a cheap thing from such a big institution. When parents went to meet the Principal, they closed the main gate and dint allow anyone inside. They treated the parents like dogs. I wonder what value they are going to teach the kids. I am planning to pull out my kids this year itself and planning to put them somewhere.


Hi, I agree to what she is saying about the school. Even we are very happy with the way teachers giving attention to the kids and my daughter enjoys going to school. Its just 2 weeks school started I see so much improvement in her skills and She likes her class teacher Mrs Prasad and also I had talk with many parents from school everyone are happy about school... Yes I do agree some hick ups are there as its new school bt management is really open to discuss your concern and they try to give there best to resolve your issues. If they could little improve on transport facility then Brigade school has long way to go ahead :)


I my personal opinion: Brigade School Management is completely transparent and upfront. I have been through interview rounds at other popular schools in whitefield, marathahalli area...almost everyone was dubious about the fee structure...Like charging different fee to different parents. Secondly, I appreciate the fact that both the school architecture and the staff take care of the child's convenience and safety. There is immense detail in everything from bus parking being within the premise and not the road. All facilities including the awesome auditorium, a football field, tennis field, swimming pool, khokho court, tennis court, basketball court, atheletics track are all within the facility. Thirdly, they get the best professional inputs for the children for co-cular activities. Each child is groomed and directed at a personal level and ooze immense confidence and humility at the same time. Lastly I believe that the philosophy of the school is to raise and educate children so that they are well prepared for the needs of tomorrow professionally and emotionally. They are open to feedback from parents and make the necessary changes if required. The school in whitefield has picked up slow but I am sure it will catch up with the other two branches that are doing extremely well. Aparna




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