Kensri School Academy Of Excellence - Bangalore

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My Daughter is studying there for the last 4 years and have admitted my son also this year. The school is very good for their method of teaching, events etc., They have a nice curriculum where in they include sports & arts as a part of their curriculum. Though the major issue is the horrible infrastructure and the approaching roads towards the school. Every year we are promised of clean infrastructure but in vain. They also lack coordination & planning. Fee structure is also little high. But still my kid enjoys going to Kensri so I am giving a positive review


I had been to their open house session this year. It was very badly organized event. Full of confusion. The teachers themselves did not know whats next or whom to contact. This should have been the session to showcase the school. But the reality sticks out! I also heard after Mrs. Usha Srinivasan (the key person who started this school) died some time back, the management is not good any longer.




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