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I stay in Purva itself and even my 2 Yr old was going to the day care at the Little crest BG road for almost 1 year. But the only difference was that he was being scared of Monkeys. But don't think of giving feedback to either the teachers/maids as it may go against your kid. You may speak to Ms Poornima (Pricipal) who is a very nice lady, but unfortunately, none of her staff members listen to her. The only person that they are scared of is Dr Vishala, but don't even think of speaking to her as she is a damn arrogant lady who thinks that whatever she does is only correct. If you still speak to her be assured, nothing will be done and you will be proved wrong on the face and you will be forced to accept their way of handling the kids or take him out of the little crest. Their simple logic is "Take it or Leave it", as they have enough kids to keep their day care running. I had been through this and had complained over and over about their laid back attitude, but they are a group of hopeless people and nothing is going to change. Due to this harassment I pulled out my kid from the day care and got him in to the newly opened "Roots to Wings" nearby. And trust me in last 2 months I have seen drastic change in my little one. He actually cries to come back from the school/day care. I know lots of ugly things about Little crest, which an average parent will never come to know, as my kids baby sitter had been going to Little crest with him for 1 year, and hence I kept getting the feedback from her. I will be putting in a much detailed feedback of the Little crest once I have get some free time. I am not suggesting anything to any parent as you are the best judge for your kids present/future. I just shared my bad experience with "The Little Crest"


I have 2 minds about this daycare now. My daughter has been going here since 4 months now. Her attitude has changed a lot and has become a troublesome child. I have heard of instances when she was sent to the loo alone ( she is 2.9 yrs old) and maids scaring her about ghosts. The preschool too dint help her a lot as well. On the whole, not a very cool experience.




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