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My my expectation was that my child should be able to write and recognize letters A to Z, write numbers 1 to 100 and read basic 3-letter words. I was advised that since my child preferred to spend time outdoors and working on blocks, they encouraged that learning ability, while choosing to ignore academic work. Both teachers did not feel it was their responsibility to prepare my child for first grade from a basic educational point of view, rather, both felt that The Creative Foundation curriculum was designed to focus on Montessori goals but not academic ones. They also advised me to have my child mentally evaluated. The councilor I was sent to found the school lacking in teaching. No input from teacher, no output from the child. Simple. Also, my child hates the two teachers now, always says they would punish him for no reason. Most importantly, my young child said they disrespected the children and made them feel bad for no reason. Shame on you teachers. I hear Karma is already making amends for your bad deeds.


Teachers recommend NOT doing any work with children at home, no alphabet review, phonics, or other academic activity because they believe it will interfere with the Montessori Method. Homework books are sent home sparingly so it is impossible to gauge what work is being done until an entire year has passed and the parent is left shocked that their child is unable to recognize the letter A. Children are academically classified into A, B and C categories at such a young age with the C's getting little or no attention and so are unprepared to get into 1st standard.


Very good for free play in unstructured environment. Children are left to themselves and allowed to play with chalk, painting on the floors outside the classroom (it helps develop hand-writing grip), water the plants, stare at the trees, play in the sand and lay on mats. Limited Montessori material is available on a restricted basis to be used in a highly controlled manner. Discipline is non negotiable, children are tasked with approaching work clinically, with great calmness and are often told to exercise inner control and to please remain calm at all given times. Any form of noise, exclamation at something exciting, any excitement at any point in time (even on the playground) is discouraged so children may be seen and not heard. Loud noises (unrestricted display of emotion) are reprimanded so that no form of loss of control is perceived by other children. Children are taught that the world is governed by bosses, so the teacher


The teachers at this school are simply incapable of handling even a single child. They lack patience, experience and do not have the slightest knack of educating a budding young child.




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