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My daughter attends Success Saturday here... this is her first year in Blore and I am pretty happy v found this wonderful place for Vaishnavi. She goes here for holiday prog. This is one place where tutors, children and parents are all happy being with one another... a rare success intersection of all 3 coupled with cont improvement.


My daughter has been going to geniekids since she was 2. We are very satisfied by the geniekids child oriented approach. Every child is treated as a individual and their needs and strengths are respected. I did not believe in pressurizing my child and know that she will discover her potential eventually or already knows potential. I values learning for life i.e habits of mind (responsible, understanding own emotions, being sensitive to others and environment etc) and self learning more important than just mugging the tables and doing multiplication. I see a significant difference in my child's approach towards herself and her learning and i realy values that.


my child attends this school and we have noticed a significant development in his confidence levels, his understanding of situations and learning spirit. We are very happy about this, as this is important in a child's development apart from mere academics. Here , the children are accepted completely by everyone in the campus and there is no negative labelling, or negative talk, which makes the children free and happy to do more and learn more.


My son attends preschool here. He loves the place - all kids do really :). Parents should understand their model of working before enrolling their child as they do not work like normal schools do. What I love about Geniekids is the freedom kids get to explore and experience new things in a stress free environment. Even though the place is small, it is remarkably well managed. My child is encouraged to think for himself and everything he does is valued. The change I have seen in him in the past year is remarkable!! They are open to parents coming in and observing during school hours - I would recommend you do that if you are considering the place.




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