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Today parents have confusion on their kids which school to choose, I can say with guarantee the only place we have is Prayag, the quality of education, hygiene and the art of making kid to be self dependent


star tells all


My older one graduated from Prayag and now my younger one is there too. I found the school teachers amicable and responsible. They are gentle with children and teach them in a loving and encouraging manner. This is very important for the overall psychological development of a child.
I look at Prayag montessori as a high-class educative environment and recommend it to all parents.


Prayag Montessori has played a very important role in the all round development of our son –Pranav Aditya, who has been a part of Prayag for the past three Years .We enrolled him at Age-3 . We can confidently say that Prayag is one of the few –if not the only Montessori institute which has 1. A full fledged Montessori compliant atmosphere driven by highly qualified & Montessori certified teaching staff with a healthy student teacher ratio of- 12:1 ,which allows itself to be audited by the Montessori board from time to time. 2.Only school where the Montessori education is also supported by a well developed nature resort called Discovery Village where in the tiny tots are exposed to all the wonderful aspects of Nature & its valuable resources. 3.Well laid out communication process between the parents & the teachers through structured personal interactions , intelligently designed Newsletters , & its website where the activities are listed & events photographed to capture the development of each & every child. 4.Use of technology by deploying Closed circuit cameras where in the parents are allowed to observe their child at work any time ,remotely . We are quite happy with the value Prayag has added to the growth of our child by deploying the Montessori concepts effectively ,& through the personal care shown by the teachers. We are happy that we chose Prayag Montessori for our child & strongly recommend the same. Prem Kumar B.


Hi, My daughter “ Madiha Iram” has been studying in Prayag since 2yrs. First I would like to share about my daughter before she joined the Prayag Montessori she was a good and obedient child. Never used to get friendly with strangers. Only if they would be my close friends, colleges or relatives she would be social. After she joined Prayag Montessori we as parents have observed a lot of positive changes in our daughter. She loves to go to school even when she is not keeping well she refuses to stay at home but rather go to school. She has developed interest in panting and her observations are very minute. Since some time she has become independent and does her work very carefully. The best that I felt was on 14th Feb 2010 when she walked on stage and performed in front of @ 300 people as a father I was shocked to see her perform in the best manner. Because she was a child who would never speak in the crowd, & I saw her performing its gr8. I give this credit to the Prayag Montessori I wish all the best to the staff of Prayag for their wonderful work. Regards Zama


Our DD is with Prayag, as parents we are very satisfied. She enjoys going to school. Some things that i have struggled to teach her, school has taught effeciently. Teachers are indeed very sweet people. We recommend Prayag... for preschool education.


hello all, Prayag has had an excellent all round development for my daughter. She is in a higher grade now but still fondly recalls the wonderful de-stressing environment and friendly teachers in this school. I would highly recommend this montessori.


I truly agree with Amarnath, my son is still studying in UKG at Prayag, Earlier he studied at a very reputed school in south Bangalore and we were really not satisfied with it. So we took the decision of changing him to Prayag & now i feel i have taken the best decision for my child. From day one i have only interacted with Mrs.Amitha & i feel she takes keen interest in each & every child. My son too has evolved emotionally because of the love and attention given by his teacher Ms.Kumuda and has improved drastically in academics. Thanks to Prayag and the environmnet they have provided to my son, he has become confident and has made many friends. I am truly very satisfied with Prayag


Hi,My son Trivikram too studied at Prayag and it is thanks to them that he is doing very well at school now.Yes they used to tell children, we will tell Amithaaunty but everybody knew that she would not do anything,Infact children would say lets go to Amithaaunty's room. It was no Horror movie.... The staff and Mrs.Amitha Prashanth are very friendly and it is upsetting to see that their hard work is stated as such.Ms.Babitha did you call and take an appointment 'cause they have funfair or Annual day happening at this time of the year and everybody is busy. The staff always takes time to explain how Prayag work and it is suprising to see your post. My son loved going to school and he has received a very good foundation.I am very happy with Prayag.


My child studied at Prayag and I never felt they stressed her or us in anyway, we have had no issues with either the school or Mrs.Amitha Prashanth.Infact they have always kept us posted on every aspect of my child's development and I am thankful to them for that. I did check on some of the people who have enrolled their children because of my reference and they said that it was just as I had said it would be. Nothing seems to have changed. With regard to her staff they to seem to be there... I would definitely recommend Prayag................


Had to face the very rude Ameeta, the principal when we went there for the admission of my son. Never ever think of this place.


About Prayag Monetessori, I am with National Public School, Bangalore. I put my ward in the pre-nursery and nursery in the years 2005-06 and 2006-07. I know about the syllabi for these years being in the same field and teaching the 10the std kids. But when I saw the horrendous syllabus that my kid had to go through for a tender age of 2-4 years I was appaled. First of all, the fun activities are very limited, physical activities hardly any, emphasis is more on the theoritical aspect of phonetics and msg boards. I believe you can teach phonetics through songs and games rather than as a regular oral practice. Ameeta the Principal is extremly arrogant, doesnt like opinions expressed. Even if you did, she wouldnt give up or listen. SHe would still stress on her methodology. As the Head of an Educational Institution, I believe, one should be very humble and understanding. When she lacks it herself, where do you expect it from her staff.They keep changing every year. Hardly any loyalists I have seen. I have met some of the ones who were with her and have left. Trust me their reviews were the same as mine. Coming to handling naughty kids, their mode of punishment is "we will send you to Ameeta Aunty's room'(Out of a Horror movie). Just imagine the indignation that the child would face. They are kids which is why they are naughty.!!! Overall I took out the child and put him in NPS Indiranagar. Contrary to what people say about NPS, I believe that they are children centric rather than syllabus centric. They understand each child and cater to their individual needs very thoughtflly. So my rating of Prayad wuld be 2/5. The rest is for you Parents to decide




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