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Hi Parents,

Our child is going to Primus Public School, Chikanayakanahalli Village, Off. Sarjapur Road. We admitted for academic year 2022-23. From the beginning, the management is worst at best.

1. They haven't given uniform till now. Their reason: vendor problem. Only some children got uniform, others are got only shirts, and others no uniform at all. Kids are going to school in normal dresses.
2. There is no bus tracking. They are supposed to integrate the tracking with an app and that is taking a long time. All this while they charge exorbitant fees for transport (see below for bus fees).
3. The phone numbers of the driver and the helper never work. When we brought it up to the notice, they gave the transport provider's (Infant travels) number and 
asked us to call them.
4. Academics: teachers don't follow up on the kids studies whether it is home work or regular lessons. They don't bother even if the kids don't complete their home work. This made my child take studies lightly.
5. There seems to be no accountability. The school administrator himself is clueless and is giving various excuses.
6. Existing kids parents are also not happy. They said that there is a change in management this year and the new management is not good. They told us they are actively considering other schools for next academic year.

Bus Fees 2022-23 (Distance Amount)
< 2 kms 31,050
2 to 5 kms 41,400
5 to 10 kms 45,195
10 to 15 kms 50,715
> 15 kms 56,235

I sincerey request you to think twice before admitting your child. Please check with other parents as well.




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