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NHPS has been the right choice for my daughter. She's blossomed into a confident young lady, ready to achieve her goals in life. It has been a great blend of academics and co curricular activities at the school over the years. Teachers have been supportive and the school has always maintained a safe environment for its students.


Yesterday there was a annual day in NHPS. Basically for nursery to UKG division kids. Now a day's it is raining in bangalore but they arranged the stage and chairs without any protection from rain that too during evening time!! Annual day started smoothly on time but after an hour time, it started raining and every parent/grand parents were running for covers. There was no arrangements to allow parents inside the corridor of school. They did not announce where to take shelter.  Everyone rushed towards the entrance gate (near canteen area) but worst thing is they did not stop the performance of kids even though it started heavily raining!! First time I saw nursery to UKG kids dancing in heavy rain. When they completed 90% of the function, it started pouring heavily and they just announced to take your kids back and leave!! Can't the school management think, is it possible for parents to manage their kids when there is no shelter for anyone!!
Every parent rushed to the classes and created a mess at nursery section... teachers simply shouting at everyone... finally parents taking their children out in rain and running outside the school for covers... what a mess... I have never seen such a worst arrangements for any school function in my life. I studied in village schools but even their they used to take utmost care about children. This was pathetic. 
Funny scene was : First when the chief guest came, there was a grand welcome to him. The principal and head mistress following him throughout the corridor. But when it started raining, he was forced to watch some programs in rain and later when it started pouring, he was also among parents crowd pushing pulling others for shelter :) 


Good school.Not fully Academic centric and hence more exposure to Co-Curricular activities which is good.Many competitions and events are encouraged.Only find that there is a lot of project work given(Finally comes into the mom's plate afterall). -Ramya Sathesh(Mother of child studying at NHPS)




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