Sunshine Meadows - Bangalore

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A fantastic school for young minds and souls.Parents can be totally tension free after sending their child to this school,as their well trained faculty had lots n lots of patience to deal with children.


This pre-school is really worth every penny spent.

My brother`s son is admitted here since November 2008. There has been remarkable improvement in his capabilities to communicate, react and also his behaviour has changed.

Ms. Rekha , Ms. Anitha, the ladies behind this preschool really take good care of the students and the kids love going to school. My brother`s son who used to create a ruckus to go to school earlier, is more than eager to go to Sunshine Meadows even on holidays . That`s a surprise to one and all in our family. All the best and hope more n more kids take this opportunity to learn while having fun and a good time.




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