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May be being an expat mom made me have sky rocketing expectations which were shattered by the sheer interaction with the principal (Mrs. Nivedita) of Neev. When I remarked on the inexperienced teachers of my toddler (they totally lacked any sort of animation) , she defended them by saying that I could not expect that from a teacher unless she was at a center head's position or higher. Yep! I am still figuring that one out. At the end of it, It really depends on the level of expectation of each parent.


Wow- I am shocked by the strong negative experiences of some parents at the Neev Koramangala branch. My son has been going there for about a month, now-ever since it started, and I have mainly good things to say about it. To begin with, I was with him all the time in school for the first few weeks while he settled down. This was encouraged. The teachers do have their opinion on how long a parent should stay (and I noticed that they took different approaches for different kids which means that they really got to know the child), but if I was confident of how long I wanted to stay and made it known, they were very accommodating.Even when his schooling was disrupted and we had to restart the settling in process, they were willing to work with me, keeping in mind the needs of the other children of course. I was also able to come to an open house at one of their other branches, as well as do site visits before deciding to apply for admission. I could not actually attend a session, and I don't know of any school which will let you do that, and with good reason. A constant flow of 'visitors' tends to disrupt a child's routine. Nor can you have a big group attend class on a particular day. After all, the children's needs come first. I am an educationalist by profession and was very particular about the kind of school I wanted my child to attend and I must say that Neev has scored well on all counts. The senior teachers know their stuff, are not pushy and are willing to work with every child at his/her own pace. The resources that they have are great-safe, developmentally age appropriate and fun. They have a no. of toys which I have or was considering buying for my child (after a lot of research), a big plus. The slight negatives that I felt initially: the junior teachers are still being trained, they are enthusiastic but may not have the experience. But I have seen an improvement in them in the last month itself (yes I still end up going inside with my son occasionally). There were some safety concerns initially, one of which has been mentioned here-the kids not being adequately supervised in the sand pit. I have brought these up with the management and have noticed that they have taken corrective measures. I think that because it is a new branch, there was some settling in period for them too, but the drawbacks are offset by the great teacher-child ratio. In all, admission to any school is a leap of faith, and I am glad I took that chance with Neev. It really depends on a parent's outlook but its a great place for children to explore their capabilities in a flexible and resource rich environment


I put my son in Neev - Koramangala branch for one week and realized in that same week that I made a wrong decision. The teachers were not at all enthusiastic or attentive despite being a low ratio of teacher to kids since it is a new branch. It is almost like having an expensive maid who does what she is "supposed" to do with the kids without going that extra mile which is expected with the fee and reputation of the school. Although I am very happy with the center head and her attitude I am thinking of pulling off my son as soon as I secure an admit elsewhere. Lesson learned - please do not admit your child based on reputation of a school. If they don't let you attend a session of your choice for as long as you want before admission, chances are, you may be VERY dissapointed with the way they actually function.


My wife and I chose Neev's new Koramangala branch as our toddler's first school after researching several play-schools and day-cares, mostly based on online reviews. Despite the high fees and the fact that we were not allowed to attend a 'live' session (they allow prospective parents to view a session only with advance notice at one particular time of their choice) we were impressed by the facilities and the principal and decided to register with Neev. Right from the first day we noticed that many of the teachers seemed to lack the enthusiasm and energy in their interaction with the children. Admittedly, this was the first week and there will be some amount of uncertainty on the part of the children and parents but this is exactly where the teachers should have stepped up and ensured everyone’s made comfortable and welcome. Little things, like not using saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ with kids, allowing shoes for everyone even in the toddler areas where kids spend most of their time on the floor, and leaving the sandpit unattended while children were playing there, just add up to form a big problem. But most important, was our very surreal experience when we wished to discuss our concerns with the centre head and principal, together. First, we were denied an appointment with the principal and were forced to talk only with the centre head. The principal did appear half-way thought the meeting and even before we could finish explaining our point of view she went on the defensive, completely closed to what we had to say. Within minutes, what was an open discussion deteriorated into a rude defence based on how we did not know enough to judge right or wrong about the environment and teachers at Neev. The principal actually asked us why we were wasting the centre head's time (the appointment was given by their staff the previous day- we hadn't insisted on any particular time). She rapidly went from confrontational to belligerent. Long story short, we left Neev more baffled than angry at the extremely discourteous, ill-mannered and closed attitude of the principal. Needless to say, the principal completely refused to even talk about the Rs. Sixty-three Thousand we had already paid them. Our child went to Neev all of three days. The point of this long-winded review is that prospective parents keep in mind that reputation of a certain school or branch certainly does not guarantee good service and high standards. In this case though, the principal's actions definitely explain the sorry state of Neev: Big on talk before you pay up, zero in implementation and simple courtesy afterwards.




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