Geetanjali Vidyalaya - Bangalore

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A very good school with friendly teachers. The principal is very polite and makes sure that the quality is well maintained. 

My son learned a lot of new skills and had positive behavioral change. He started to organize better and was liked by other kids as well as elders. Highly recommended for Montessori education.

Fees: ~40K One time Admission fee + 40K annual fees (2018) for Montessori.


Apart from the response you get from the office staff, the approach road the school is good in academic front. They have look into the Hygiene aspects in the school. Its big let down. Kids complain about the Washroom facilities.


One big problem with Geethanjali is transport - they have limited buses and try to juggle the children of various batches between the limited buses. The result is that the travel time is unreasonably high for many places. E.g. where I stay, the bus comes in at 7:20 am, for the 9:00 am batch. My home is about 3.5kms from the school - the bus takes 100 minutes to cover that distance. My car takes 20 minutes; granted that the bus would take more than car because a bus has to stop for many children enroute, but 20 minutes versus 100 minutes is too much. In my opinion the reason is that the bus has to reach much earlier than 9:00 am because the same bus has to then rush out to get children for the 10:00 am batch. Similar kind of things also unnecessarily increase the travel time in the evening. The school administration is most unresponsive about such issues. The class size is no way small; the montessori class rooms are full of children.


excellent school with amazing academics. a lot of personal care is given to children. the class strength is less as well. good management team....... overall a thumbs up !!!!




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