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RCIS is a great school. My kid has been studying for 5 years and I must say the standard is very good. Happy about the teaching, atmosphere and the extracurricular is good too. 
I surely recommend this school. 

Keep up the good work RCIS 


My kid is going to this school from last 3 years and now a days this school has become worst , I would request not to join the kids if you are about to join. 
Here are few point to consider 
1. No response from principal for mails on issues 
2. They take nasty decisions which impacts kids for example today they send message @11:33 saying school bus will start by 12:45 which suppose to start by 3:30 without proper reason , what if parents are not yet home ? They didn


My child has been studying at Royale Concorde school for over 4 years. The higher classes class rooms are very very bad. They keep increasing number of students and sections in smaller classes, but high school class rooms are in bad condition.

Management does not take any complaint seriously. Promises given are broken without any explanation. They are only interested in adding more and more branches.
Please keep away from this school!


Review by the passed out student of RCIS 2016 - The school provides the students with very good infrastructure. The principle and  teachers are really knowledgeable and friendly. Academics wise the school is excellent.One really good thing about the school is if you or your child is in a higher class like 8th and above, the teachers really focuses of students who are finding it hard to understand topics. And the real benefit to a class 10th student (i studied only till 10th) they conduct remedial classes for students before the exams, regular class tests before the final exam and attended extra class for maths n social before the finals even during the study holidays b/w exams and it was truly helpful! I salute the teachers to put in so much effort for students. They just need to enhance the physical fitness of students by providing more options in sports. Good co-curricular activities are provided to the students. The annual day n sports day is really well organised and perfectly planned,each time putting up real different interesting shows by the student, all thanks to the effort and time put in by the staff, students and the student council.Good educational n fun trips planned by the school but can be more economical. Of course any school cannot be flawless but minor mistakes made by the management can be ignored. (Honestly went around telling i would never recommend this school to anyone but i take back my words, looking back to the school i realised how the effort n time put in by the staff have helped me achieve my goal and be a successful young adult). I would recommend this school to all!! Thank you RCIS!


A very good school with international facilities and infrastructure. The staff too is very experienced and friendly.I feel really privileged that my kid is a part of this esteemed school,and im very proud to say dat my kid is doing really well and is excelling in not just academics but also takes part in other extracurricular activities.I would definetly recommend dis school to one and all. The only negative thing is its fees which has swiped off way too high as compared to some years back. Sending one child to school is fine and bearable but for some parents who need to send all their children to the same school becomes difficult,especially in the current scenario where the prices of everything keeps increasing day by day. 


Its one of the BEST schools in bangalore..Im very satisfied with the school, I cnt understand why some  guys have given negative comments about this school, I guess because the fees is a bit on the higher side and admissions is also tough, they try to remove their grudge by simply degrading the school...The school has a good management who's always ready to take our suggestions and implement on them too..RCIS has a child friendly atmosphere where every child is given equal importance and is able to identify their talent... .They take a lot of effort to mold our kids in every aspect, they give importance to not just academics but  extracurricular activities  also..when compared to other schools in bangalore RCIs is truely the best school


I deeply regret in having my child admitted to this money hunger so called "International" school.My child was manhandled by a fellow student and had severe bruises on his body. Yet the class teacher ruled out that fact and let us know that such behavior is not acceptable any more..Damn it!! For 3 consecutive year, my child's book has been stolen by fellow student during final exam. The teacher cooly passed it out that our child is irresponsible.The books were lost in the school. The principal acts as if she is the regards towards are the staff. The teachers are of very sub-standard and have no knowledge nor have the teaching capababilities !! Spent 4 hours in queue to receive uniforms..again shockingly my child'd uniform was not stitched.No stocks of shoes - school showed no responsibility towards it so far. Beware parents !!


one of the most sensible schools around. Each student gets enough personal attention and with my son, I've never seen a the teacher missing even his mood changes. May be it trickles down from the principal, Leema Swamy - I've always seen the lady taking interest in smallest things in school. May be a good lesson in management. Why else would a KG kid who hardly meets the principal take interest in her talks? My son is in UKG and all the 3 years the teachers have been extremely sensitive towards child, approachable and helpful: be it about kids writing skills or alleviating his fear on playground. The fees structure is much bearable than the schools in surrounding area. Pretty happy so far and would highly recommend the school


RCIS is one of the worst school in that area. Teachers are not good. principal has own problems. school, run with sole motive of earning money. we changed our daughter from that school after she shared all the ruthless things at school. she is very happy to be at her new school and sometimes we shouldnt have admitted in rcis intially. slowly she has forget abt rcis and very happy in the present school. my salutes to the staff and principal of the school. who expect children to be children,


This is one of the worst schools I have come across. The Principal has absolutely no management skills. All she is interested in is making money! The teachers are treated with scant respect. Obviously, the quality of teachers is going to go down.


RCIS is like a breath of fresh air. The infrastructure is good and so are the teachers. My sensitive child has adapted very well here. I believe that RCIS is the best school in Banaswadi.


RCIS is indeed a low grade school. you can't meet the teacher or the principal easily. there's lot of procedures to go through. reminds me very much of a governement office. the staff don't know anything about politeness. they treat the parents with scant regard, forgetting that it is our money which makes them run their school. some teachers also give corporal punishment to children and as the principal isn't accesible there is no one you can complain to. they hold a parent orientation meeting every year. instead they could hold a teachers and principal orientation meeting and get tips on how to behave curteously. too much acadamics and very less stress on extra curricular and sports acivities even for the lower classes. the only thing international about it is its fees. they try to get the maximum money out of you. beware of admitting your child in this school.


I have had good experiences with Royale concord International school . My highly sensitive introvert son has developed into a confident young child and I thank no one else but the school and his teachers. I found all his teachers very approachable and patient and I am very satisfied with the teaching and guidance from the school It is on the expensive side but I think it is worth it considering the good infrastructure and facilities. Thanks Moksha




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