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Very unhappy with the school, quality has degraded in recent years. Jus using Psbb name...But no stuff...But fee hike is there every year abruptly in both tuition fee and transport fee. But no new facilities added. Teaching quality is so bad in few subjects. Ths is the thought of majority of parents in psbblla and not only mine. Management is very arrogant not even bothered about parents feedback. A new component called activity fee of 7500


If you want your kid to feel miserable.. Please send them to this school. The teachers are not qualified.. Maths teachers for 8th onwards struggle to even multiply large numbers.. Horrible teachers and bad managment!!


school is good. academic pressure is less on younger kids. unlike dps. but managerial problems are there. school is not able to resolve issues with uniform and transport people.


Standard of the school is not good. No correction in the notes.Mistakes also not correcting.


Very good school for ages 6-8 years. A lot of extra currics - bharatnatyam, yoga to name few. A bit loaded on the home work front, but I guess it is up to the parents to tackle this. The one-one sessions at home can be fun 'cos HW is very creative. Your child can gain a lot in this school if you are happy to spend the extra time at home :).


Good school - excellent infrastructure.



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