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Really happy I made the decision to take my daughter here 3 years ago. Staff is very supportive for children and parents. The environment is very cool and fortune for every child with a hygienic nature.


i has sent my kid for kara a while...i found them money minded.The first day i was told i had to pay in 2 installments and not 4 installments. Might i have started with a good cause but somewhere between running it profitable and at the same time serving the very cause, the struggle is evident. pretty sure, far better than many places.


My kids simply LOVE Kara. We started with RMV because it was the closer option. After moving residence quite far from the centre, I tried everything from the little known to most publicised pre-schools. I couldnt find even one that came close to Kara in terms of hygiene, facilities and most importantly CARE. Any concerns (and as a paranoid mum I have plenty!!) are very promptly heard & addressed. If my kids are not with me,...I'd rather they be at KARA than in the care of anybody else. Katherine's understanding & committment to providing a benchmark childcare ensures the guidelines are imbibed as Kara culture across the entire team. Especially at Jaymahal....Savitha, Arundhati, Trupti, Kalpana and all the "didi's" Padma, Latha ...are downright amazing with kids...all kids. I am sure I am missing out a lot of names (my kids never would!!). I strongly recomend any parent check out Kara before any other pre-school in town. Do ignore the blogs...a vast majority are unfounded horror stories. Experience KARA for yourself. You will be glad you did!


In the list of the best pre-schools Kara featured many times among people in the feild of education but I had read the review by Swati about Kara and was terrified like any parent. I spoke to a few parents who's children were already at kara and they were absolutely thrilled about the school (Indian and Expat parents equally!!) so i met up with the management to check it out myself. Now my little one (just 1 1/2 yrs old) goes to Kara jaymahal. About me, I was working in top-management with MNCs for the last 16 yrs and have visited many countries on work and was last the DGM with a leading MNC. Let me assure you that Kara 4 Kids - Jayamahal branch is def. ONE OF THE VERY BEST environments i have seen all these years. The team, specially Savitha and her team of didis are simply excellent !! they measure up to the level of professionalism and committment I have seen all these years during my career! And I TRULY APPRECIATE KATHERINE FOR HER COMMITTMENT TO CARE, HYGINE AND SAFETY OF KIDS. HER CURRICULLUM IS EXCELLENT AND ON PAR WITH ANY INTERNATIONAL STANDARD U CAN THINK OF!! more than anything She is willing to listen and act!! I have made many many surprise visits to the school to check out if everything is fine (specially since people have scared us with these comments on blogs) and LET ME ASSURE I HAVE ALWAYS COME BACK FEELING THAT MY SON IS TAKEN CARE MUCH MORE I HOPED FOR. The improvment I have seen in him in the last few months - I TRULY CANNOT THANK SAVITHA, LATHA DIDI AND KATHERINE ENOUGH. If any parent wants to speak to me to be sure I AM HAPPY PARENT AND AM NOT WRITTING ON BEHALF OF THE KARA MANAGEMENT you can def. call Savitha and get my no. from her. Because i clearly know how difficult it is for parents when they read such irresponsible reviews / comments on the blog. (the arrest warrant saga is just on fee refund against rules mentioned and nothing to do with Kara's delivery!!) Dear Parents if you can afford it Kara is one of the BEST DAY CARE / PRE-SCHOOL FOR YOU LITTLE ONE !! LATHA


parents...go with ur own experience..suggest you talk to parents who are currently sending their kids to kara (or for that matter any day care)...rather than rely on statements posted in blogs...but for whatever its worth my exp with kara has been pretty good...i found the staff extremely caring...with genuine and not practiced warmth emanating from them...this validated with surprise visits etc..one sign that things are fine is that you normally dont find any kid crying! the environment is very peaceful...i was a little concerned once the sanjay nagar center and jayamahal extension merged but i think after some initial hiccups it was back to normal...never found any health concerns attributed to the daycare...my daughter has become far more animated and chirpy after starting kara...i think some really good work's happening there...dont know much abt the ceo/ katherine much...its the staff that i'm more concerened about as they are the ones who take care of our precious lil ones...and i think they are damn good...some people like savitha are exceptional...but as i said before no one's perfect...its just that if we bring up anything which is amiss i find them extermely responsive. no comments on the academic curriculum yet. I personally think things are fine at kara...they are a good bunch of people who are doing a fantastic job...and no ...there's no legal case against katharine...i think we have to do our bit as well to improve environment around us...rather than fling bricbats for whatever reasons/ intentions...we should try and help them make it a better place...(e.g., how about a kara parents community to advise improvements/changes?) all the research i did on various daycares...while kara might not be the only great day care...it is surely among the better ones...




My kids went here - one for preschool and the other for daycare. I have never had any complaints. My older one had an issue with some mild bullying and segregation, and the head and staff dealt with it promptly and supportively. I have found my children to be a lot more curious and creative after their experience at Kara. I wish their facility was a bit larger and they offered more extra curricular activities (fitness, languages, cultural events) etc.


A small intimate school where each child gets lots of individual attention. The staff are excellent as are the regular programs for parents. As a Kara parent I would encourage all other mums to take a look before making their final choice. I did and have not regretted it!


Supportive and alert teachers. Interesting curriculum, and the litmus test is that my daughter loves to go there.


Very arrogant centre head and money minded CEO, unhygenic staff. Pls don't send your child there.




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