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SuJyo 2012-07-16 22:21:39



I am planning to put my son to pre school and thinking of JSS public school HBR lsyout, Royal concord, Jain Heritage...

I stay  near RT Nagar and would like to know which school is the best option.

Review on the above schools will be very helpful if any of ur kids are going to those or any one enquired about that.


andrea75 2012-07-17 19:27:05



Former teacher at cmr. The vice principal asked me to handle 10 different grades. Wonder in which B.Ed college they teach such absurd time table planning.

Always interested in maintaining records to answer parents.We were told to make diary entries and maintain proof. On the other side, we were never asked to talk to the students and help them out with specific problems related to the subject.

Got a flat pay. No pf. Shame on a school which gets fees in lakhs for even lkg students.

If one of the 3 coordinators is always on betelnuts (stinks betelnut when she gets close by) imagine the values taught. And she is the Vps favourite.

The Principal/vice principal /coordinators never walked into any of my classes or observed.

I challenged the Vice Principal and told her she is wrong. (She was asking me to give marks to wrong answers). From then, she would never wish me back whenever i wished her.

Thats the true CMR Value they teach ! Luckily I work for a Good employer and am much more happier.


Nova123 2013-01-02 21:01:51



Can anyone give me information about anveshana? It is shown as a montessori school that is approved by the Montessori Board. But it doesnt have a website.

I hope to hear from parents whose kids have gone there..

Thanks a lot..



punidha 2013-01-03 12:03:46



My son born on 19/oct/20009.  by june he will be 3 yrs 7 months 12 days.

we reside at near pailayout

now he is going to Little elly - for Nursery class.

2013-14, V wanted him to put in regular school.   one problem is his age.. few schools accept his admission in Nursery  only,  few dont mind for LKG.

But my observation is that, he is smart kid.    V wanted him to get admitted in CBSE school, so that upto 12th std v no need to run around.

we have visited following school. (kr puram, kasturinagar in and around area)

1.  new baldwin school / ramamurthy ng .... found pre-primary classes are too small

2. cambridge school ..... i heard higher classes are not really good

3. RCIS ......  nursery 175k... high fees,  no idea how is school.

4. NPS.. Indiranagar, when i went to enquiry about admission personally,  i heard 3 complain vs interaction between parents n teachers.  found teachers were too rude... 

5. CMR.... no nursery, so i need to admit him in next yr.  no idea abt review

6. New horizon indiranagar.... jan 3rd... one is suppose to submit the applictiion form, now will they entain or no, no idea..

7. The presidency school, kasturinagar ...... i read few very bad comments about the school.   the fees is around 170k (incl van)

8.  the airforce school at Murugeshpalay ???? any idea .... i saw website, the fee is around 16k for civilian,  do we get easily admission ,,, school standard,, if one can advise me on this pls........   

last 2 months a sort of tension n stress......    can someone suggest me pls,,



ps.;  do v really need to take this much of tension ???  my mum put me in Govt school  n i personally studied upto MBA, my last job was Sr. mgr ....  with very thin fee,  v all raised to high level, how is this current society  ???????


Ashatu 2013-01-03 14:48:05


we sail in same boat.....


cheetah 2015-09-27 13:16:33


Hi punidha,
I'm same boat as you. But only thing is I could make use of any information that you have. Finally which school did you put kid in? How is CMR NPS? Any feedback on VIBGYOR, Horamavu, which is better of both?
You reply will help me a lot.



Sanjunaren 2017-05-16 11:52:18



im looking van service for my son from Chaithanya tecno school from grade 1 campus till rammurthynagar, kindly help me with the contact numbers, since the school will start from 29th of may.

you can call me for the same on 9964971601

rptr 2022-11-24 16:18:15



Hi Friends,

I have been trying to get replies from parents here from Banasawadi/Horamavu Area.

I'm looking for admission for my kid for class 1 for next academic year.

Do you guys have any reviews for below schools:

VIBGYOR Horamavu.
EKYA schools, Byrathi.

Could you guys suggest any other good CBSE schools near Horamavu, Banaswadi area?



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