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Anjuu 2011-05-06 14:19:37



Can any any one tell me how is Kumaran's scholl(Kanakapura raod) Bangaore? What is the fee structure for CBSE/ICSE ? How is transporation ,quality of eductaion etc





ss100 2011-05-09 11:33:40


What age is your child and which class is she currently in


Anjuu 2011-05-09 14:09:17


He is 2 years old. He will go to prenursery in Jun-2012. i am in search of a good school for him. I came to know that for Jun-2012, we need to take admission by this november/december.


Manz 2011-05-11 12:42:59


Is there any parent whose kid goes to kumarans School?

Need your help.


chirantana 2011-05-23 13:47:04


I think, kumarans does not take children until 3 years old...also facilities will not be in mallasandra but it will be either near METRO or near Tata Silk Form.

Both of my children goes to kumarans CBSE. Mallasandra campus is open from CBSE 1st Std.

Quality is excellent. Transportation is very well managed. Good ambience. Fees are competative.  I highly recommend it. Best wishes.


Anjuu 2011-05-24 14:33:50


Thanks Chiranta for sharing the information. My son will be 3 by next year May, so there should not be problem wrt age for his pre kg admission. Also i heard that only school commitee  will decide whether the kid will study cbsc/icse/state after completing UKG. Is that true? or Can we choose it?


vaishusk 2011-06-24 11:16:41


 I am also looking for a good school for my Kid for pre-kg starting Jun 2012 and Kumarans is one of the option.

1.What is the procedure for applying to Kumarans? 

2.Any other good school in and arround Jayanagar?






 Former member 2011-07-28 21:32:25



I have my 4 year old son and I am worried about his safety. My son studies in Sri Kumarans, Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi.

All say that Sri Kumarans, Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi suppose to be best school in South Bangalore. It might be true.

However, I have to say that, safety measures are just zero. They charge Rs.60K plus book, uniform and bus.... all together came 75K for  the academic year 2011-2012.

It is like school management made their money and basically not bothered about safety of the kids. Classes have 40 pupils per class, they filled up their classes maximum. What kind of attention child can get from going to such class.

In Sri Kumarans, Tata Silk Farm branch only one security guard, though there are two gates... Sometimes, he is not even there. I sure they have hired him as security guard just for 2K, looking at him. I heard that some parents complained to the teachers and the principle about this issue.

But the Principle called those parents and instead did counseling to them that they are too too caring (anxious). They have to relax and take it easy.

How one can take this issue lightly, their heart and soul studying there and they want their kids to be safe. What one security guard can do. In big school like that, at least they have to have two security guards. The day security guard fall sick or takes a day off, I sure none will be there.

The question comes here after all, is my kid really safe in best school like Sri Kumarans, Tata Silk Farm. This issue not only in this branch I heard that Mallasandra branch is much more worst. There is only one security guard and lots of construction workers.

School has made so much of money don't they have at least little bit of humanity to spend little more money and provide better security for the kids. Hire someone who is trained. Make ID card system for parents/guardians. Can't they learn from schools like DPS or Carmel School to provide better security.

I asked other parents to come forward and give signed letter to the headmistress. But all seems reluctant, since their kid might get expelled from best school in South Bangalore. It is better to be safe then sorry. How long can we keep quite and watch...and be worried...?

My only hope parents come forward the express their opinion on this issue. I also hope the Headmistress and the Principles of Sri Kumarans branches take safety measures seriously and do what they have to do. Best school does not really means best by academics, but it is also means safe school for your kid.



apster 2011-07-29 13:59:30


 Dear Tara2,

I sympathize with your position and can understand that you are worried about the safety of your child. While I haven't been in such a situation so can't help you with that, I would request you to not malign the Kumarans Mallasandra campus without having a first-hand experience of the same. 

My daughter has started going there this year, and everytime I have visited, I have seen enough security guards around the place and no children loitering outside the perimeter of the school campus. You will unnecessarily start a fear in the hearts of parents if you make a statement like that, and I think it is unfair to the school.




 Former member 2011-07-29 15:25:00


Dear Aparna,

I wrote my mail based on what I have heard from other parents who send their kids to Kumarans Mallasandra campus.

I have not made my statement based on nothing just to malign Kumarans school. My first-hand experience was and it is the same at Sri Kumarans Tata Silk Farm.

I raised here a real issue and in no way I want to start fear in the hearts of parents who send their kids to Sri Kumarans School or want to send their kids there. I am a parent myself and I want this issue to be heard by authorities of the school.





apster 2011-07-29 20:30:24


 hi again Tara,

Once again I am not trying to belittle your concern, and completely understand that you have had a first hand experience at the Tata Silk Farm campus.

Only writing again as I must voice my disagreement to your views(heard or otherwise) about the Mallasandra campus - any parents on Parentree who have seen something like this about that particular campus please do voice your concerns here - I would like to understand if I am missing something during my visits to the school.





Vikki2 2012-01-11 23:36:00


Hi Tara2,

I can understand your concern.For any parent first and foremost is security ,then quality of education ect. As far as kumarans is concerned,I had a similar esperience. We visited the school at Mallasandra and were shocked there is absolutely no security at all.There were a few guards and all of them were busy getting the kids into the school buses.We entered the campus without being questioned.We had to ask our way around to the reception.We did report  this at the reception and they were least bothered. Also the principal is not open to suggestions.Please take this up seriously.




MBJ 2012-06-09 09:53:16




You folks are just discussing the tip of the iceberg - security at the entrance of the school!!!

Many kids including mine have been with kumarans while they were at Doddakallsandra and now moved to Mallasandra for few years now !! Would like to highlight our experience below...

1. We were really thrilled whilst our kid admission for the first standard with nominal comprehensive fees..

2. Comes School canteen, school is more than eager to sell canteen coupons and have become mercenaries for them!

3. Move to Mallasandra, Lo behold we have a Resort like school campus, but ill equipped with competant teachers ! Teachers do not know Solar System properly, and when educated, the child get snubbed! English / Kannada pronunciation from the teachers are hardly upto standards! Mathematics is taught by a unsuccessful lawyer, who does not understand the basic's of Maths..Answer booklet does not have appropriate number of sheets and is also unchecked..child gets evaluated about their school extra curricular activities by a teacher who is perenially absent... List is endless...

4. But, well school is unperturbed by any of the above.. They pay measly salaries and accordingly get appropriate teachers who are misfit in other jobs (you pay peanuts and well get monkeys!)..

5. Due deligence is observed by the school not only in fee collection, charging exhorbitantantly for low quality uniform and books, forcible entry fees for school programs, etc..

6. As rightly observed above principal has turned a blind eye for all the above.. Bcos now SKCH is a brand which is being encashed and folks like us fall for it!!

7. recent class X & XII results from kumarans are testimony for the falling education standards!!

Would be happy if any of you can suggest alternative schools in south bangalore, which has focus on academics and not in business in academics..




DiptiPorwal 2012-06-11 11:52:56



I am also looking for a good school for my 2 year old twin daughters for admission in yr 2013-14 in south Bangalore. Please write if you are happy with the school your kids are going to.





priyankasharma 2012-06-20 13:46:50


 HI FRiends,


I wanna my kid to get admission in kumarans.He will be 3 yrs next year. I have also heard that it is very difficult to get admission in kumarans,can anyone help me regarding this. 




chirantana 2012-06-21 12:34:47


all children may not be ready for bigger schools until six years....find out a good montessari / preshool near your surrounding...good luck.


priyankasharma 2012-08-29 10:04:28


 HI Chirantana


Can you please share the admission process of kumarans. It would be really helpful for us in taking decision.

I wanted to know two things,

(1)      In how many days parents are confirmed that whether the application is being selected or not?


(2)   After the selection of application,,when parents are called for interaction? And what are the chances of rejection in interaction?


Thanks in advance




sabir 2012-08-29 23:39:51


 Anybody had any other recent experience with Kumarans please share... it will help me understanding better about the current status of the school. Also, did it get any rank in SSLC in last two years?


manjesh 2017-01-04 11:35:53


I wanted to enroll my kid into Kumarans (CBSE Mallasandra campus) for 1st standard. Wanted to know any recent experience with Kumarans. Little confused with the kind of reviews out there on the web. We have got a invite for interview later this month. Just wanted to get some valuable feedback before I make the decision.

lakshmivivek 2017-01-24 08:36:18


hi everyone,
Even i got interview call from kumerans for grade 1,my daughter present she is going to vibgyor bannergutta road,can anyout give updates on kumerans school,so that i can join my daughter to kumerans.plz i mwainting the reply,i dont know whether to change or not,wt all activities are their in kumerans.

palpi 2017-08-22 23:04:58


hi lakshmivivek,
did you put your daughter in kumarans?


010188 2018-01-27 14:24:14


Hi.. did you put your kid in Kumarans.. would like to know how is the experience..


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