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PradeepNagapudi 2009-09-21 00:56:58



My daughter is just 3 weeks old. However, due to a fear factor about school admissions (got to know through a friend who lost seats for his kid due to the fact the he was late by 2 years in applying to a specific school). I have decided on Eurokids / Kidzee from playgroup to Kindergarden and from 1st grade onwards at Trioworld.

Request you to kindly advice on the following:

1. When to start applying for admissions

2. If it is ok to have 1 school till kindergarden and then move on to mainstream school

3. If my choice of the schools mentioned are ok to go with.

I reside in Kaval Byra Sandra (R T Nagar) and hence the choice.


Pradeep Nagapudi

Sumo 2009-09-22 09:01:03



Really nice to see the father getting actively involved in school admission! 

For logistics and other reasons, many parents put their kids in play schools like eurokids and then move them to mainstream schools.  The pros are:

1) Obvious one - logistically works out better

2) Mainstream would be more formal than a play school and play schools are capable to slowly preparing the kids for mainstream schools.

There are also some cons like:

1)  Some mainstream schools like NAFL prefer that the child starts schooling wtih them right from the beginning; even if they dont, they are particular about certain environments of exposure.

2)  If the mainstream school also has its kindergarden division, admission becomes difficult at 1st grade.

I am not sure if Trio starts from 1st or not but if you are keen on Trio, it is a good idea to have a word with them as to what you could do before the age of eligibility - usually they share what older kids have done and what they are comfortable with.

All the best and enjoy your child as she grows!




PradeepNagapudi 2009-09-22 10:15:40


Thank you Sumo for that quick reply. Will let you know as things progress.





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