School Admission_Entrance Exam Std 2

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peach 2011-04-17 17:52:42



My child recently took the entrance examination for admission to std 2 in a reputed school in Bangalore. These were some of the questions asked:


Make Sentences:1.       House2.       Gift Antonyms:1.       Hard x Soft2.       Tall x ShortPlural:1.       Book – Books2.       Pencil – PencilsDraw a fruit, colour it and write a sentence about it:  MathematicsAddition of two digit numbers – no carry overSubtraction of two digit numbers – no borrowingComplete number sequence (3,6,9, ___, ___ )4 times table, 10 times table - Write the missing numbers (could be the answer or ‘times what’)Not asked, but prepared: Number stories, division problems, clocks, even number / odd number, ascending / descending order)

Hope this would be of help to parents who are trying for admission for their children.


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