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Dhivyaraj 2011-04-12 11:51:36


Dear all,

This is Dhivyaraj here, a new member.

My son got admission in Air force school -Murugeshpalya camp.

We stay in Koramangala -Teachers colony, Please let me know if any of your's or your known friends are travelling form koramangala to Air force so that i can combne them and send to school together.....


Kindly help

Tanjana19 2011-06-24 11:29:48


 Hi Dhivya


How is the quality of teaching in Airforce school? I am planning to put my kids to primary school in Hebbal...but I just want to get a general feel of how the airforce schools are in terms of infrastructure like labs, library, extra curricular activities etc...your frank feedback will be very helpful.




SubiSenthil 2011-10-10 11:29:04


 Hi Dhivyaraj/Dhivya,

How is the Airforce school quality inn Murugeshpalya camp. Pls let me know below

1)the selection procedure for 1st. Is there any test we need to take?.

2)When they will issue the applications. Do the give seats to Civilians?





MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-10 17:03:02


Hi Parents,

I am also keen to take my son admission to LKG for 2012-13.

What are  the  chances statistically to get civilians admission.

When they issue the forms for academic year 2012-13

Any more information regaridng Airforce school in Murigesh palya is most needed.


Thanks !



 Former member 2011-10-10 17:13:46


 Hi mugdha, i think i read some parent saying that she talked to the principal and that they r not taking civilians nowdays...but i had called and nothing of that sort was mentioned...they told me to give a call in feb for admission forms...

i too am interested..but a little worried if i should wait for that long? most schools close admissions by dec.. a little risky move i suppose..


SubiSenthil 2011-10-10 21:42:18


I believe this is the one of the few schools which takes kids at 3 years other CBSE schools need 3.10 years. Still the scrapping the civilian’s quota is news to me.  


MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-10 23:33:14


Hi Jyothiabhimanyu,

My  concern is also the same. Waiting till feb is bit risky for admission in Airforce School (murugeshpalya). As by that time WGS, VVS etc will complete their admission process. Also no of seats available to civilians is not known.

Has anyone meet the Principle of Airforce school to get information regarding no of seats available to civilian people.







 Former member 2011-10-11 17:05:07


 yea thats what i think my case im in mumbai, shifting to blore next yr...i dont know what to do!!


MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-12 09:15:04


Hi Jrothiabhimanyu,


Today I called to Airforce school Murugeshpalya. They told me the same thing. Admission for 2012-13 academic year in first week of February 12.

Also they mentioned that they give admission to Civilians as well as per the vacant seats available.

I am really confused as what to be done in this case. As to wait till Feb12.........Or take a admission in one school & then try in Airforce School



 Former member 2011-10-12 10:22:44


 hi mugdha, that might be a good pay the admission fee, block the seat and then try for airforce school...i think ill do that too..


MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-12 22:20:47


Hi Jyothiabhimanyu,

Did you get any feedback from the present AirForce (Murugeshpalya) student-parent?

I got all the +ve review from the Parentre discussion only.

Can you send me your email id (my email id is, I want to discuss something further.

In WGS, I have to confirm the admission within few weeks timeframe only by paying onetime admission fee & book the seat.




srisha1 2011-10-15 22:16:47


Hi Subi and others,

I am also looking for admission to class-1. Pls. post updates on this. Tx



 Former member 2011-10-16 07:36:49


hi srisha, looks like we r looking at the same schools:) i think all their admissions happen after jan only..

hi mugdha, ive mailed reply it google mail or gmail?



MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-16 18:28:34


Hi Jyothiabhimanyu,

My email Id is

I did not get any email from you.


Can you please resend again?


Thanks !



MugdhaKatkar 2011-10-16 19:08:09


I am retyping my email id is it




 Former member 2011-10-17 06:45:37


 hi mugdha its 


SubiSenthil 2011-10-17 12:07:33



As Mugdha told earlier, that they will give forms for in Jan-Feb for the first st. I went to the AV campus last week but they didnt allow me inside to see the campus. All the admission procedure is done is murugeshpalya campus. 


ashasivan 2011-10-21 13:05:50


Hi All,

I am also planning to put my son in Airforce School, Hebbal. They will take civilians also, but less number of seats. They didnt inform exact number. They will issue admission forms in jan-feb and shortlist in Apr. This year, I am trying in Airforce school only. If not getting will try for some other school next year.

My son is going to Eurokids now, If I am not getting the admission in Airforce school this year, I will continue him in Eurokids only, and will try for some other school next academic year.

If you are getting anyother new information, please post in this.




VijiRamu108 2012-01-31 18:40:38


Hi Dhivyaraj,

 I am viji new member to this group. Need some info on Airforce school murugeshpalya. I am planning to put my son in LKG this yr 2012-2013. Can you please let me know the possibllity of getting seat for Civilians. Thanks,Viji



SubiSenthil 2012-02-01 11:19:33


 Hi Dhivyaraj,


The forms are give for LKG on Feb17th btw 9AM-12PM for Civilians. But i am not sure about the selection process for Civilians.


lis 2012-10-11 00:37:36


hello friends did u get admission last yr in airforce school...hows the school..academic and extra curicular??r  u happy wid that school??plse let me know..because this year iam also trying for my twin sons.. thanks and regards lisna


san79 2012-10-20 12:59:27


I am also looking out for admisstion to LKG... has anyone of your kid got through for 2012-13 ? please do share the information if you have got through..




RajC 2013-03-12 16:54:44


has any one else applied this time i.e. for 2013-14 (LKG)

I have applied for 2013-14 academic year LKG admission for my son; when I enquired at the school office, they said the selection process is based on lottery system this time L , so I am worried.





ArathiRasquinha 2013-03-14 11:17:08


 Hi Raj,


I have also applied at Murgeshpalya.

Eagerly waiting for the results on 18th March with fingers crossed.


RajC 2013-03-15 12:52:24


Hi Arathi, hope for the best! any how we will get to know the status by this monday; only worry is if unsuccessful!!!! let me know your alternate thoughts on other schools


Shan13 2013-03-18 17:01:05


 Raj/Arathi, are the results out today? Couldn't find any info on their website


RajC 2013-03-18 19:10:58


Yes the result was today and they have made it available only at their school campus! I mean they have pasted the final list on the school notice board! I wont be availabe on website as confirmed by the school :(


RajC 2013-03-18 19:13:55


I have taken a photo of the list but this website is not letting me to paste pics!!!

I can only mail it if you want.


sumoh 2013-03-18 22:09:30



Can u pls mail it to my mail id,, as i have also applied for my son.

Thanks in advance.



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